There are SO many amazing food choices at NightQuarter… sometimes it can be completely overwhelming because you want to try one of everything! We have done some of the hard work for you, and sampled some of the best eats at NightQuarter that are $10 or less. That way, whether you are on a budget, or wanting to make sure you can fill your table with as many delicious dishes as possible, you can make the most of your night out at NightQuarter!


Japanese Chicken Karaage


Kemuri uses high quality local ingredients and their love of traditional Japanese cooking to create authentic, mouthwatering dishes. Their crispy fried chicken is tender and juicy, and uses only free-range chicken.  These deep fried pieces of marinated chicken and traditional Japanese flavours will have you begging for more… good thing they are only $10!

Brats haus

Authentic German Sausages

Brat Haus

Authentic giant German Sausages are just $10! Get your giant bratwurst, kranskis, and cheese kranskis delicious and generous German sausages on buns with all the delicious sauce and sauerkraut you like! We used these huge sausages in an eating competition… and even the hungriest competitors could only eat one… that’s how huge these things are! Grab yours this weekend! Yum!


Belgian Chocolate Strawberry Skewers


Melt at NightQuarter will have you licking your lips and your pockets full, with heaps of under $10 options! Belgian chocolate over fresh strawberries, chocolate mud cake or marshmallows.. or all three! Melt at NightQuarter will look after your chocolate cravings!

Triple Cheese Grilled Sandwich

New York Gourmet Cheezys

Get all the cheesiness of a gourmet triple cheese sandwich from New York Gourmet Cheezy’s for $10. Three kinds of cheese at once… sign us up!

Flash Frozen Ice Cream

Dippin’ Dots

How does it stay in balls? Why is it so cheap? Dippin’ Dots at NightQuarter has everything for $10 and under.
Score yourself this regular ice cream cup for just $5! Surviving Gold Coast Summer.. priceless.

Vietnamese Bahn Mi

My Saigon Tuckshop

You will feel like you have just stepped into the night markets of Asia with the colourful Bahn Mi and Vietnamese rice paper rolls from My Saigon Tuckshop. With lots of options under $10, come in and try something new!

Traditional Spanish Tapas Plates

Little Spain

Take a trip to Spain for under $10! Little Spain in Tapas Street have a whole menu of tapas dishes for under $10…Deep fried olives is our fave!

Greek Style Falafel Salad


Fitapita is the healthy food lovers best friend, with their NEW Greek style falafel salad with tahini sauce for $10! With the delicious fresh salad and authentic Mediterranean flavours, it makes eating healthy a treat.

Reid Street Kitchen

Decisions to make… Reid Street Kitchen has assorted cakes and tarts, Mars Bar cheesecakes, giant Lamingtons, meringue pots….all well below $10.

Fish and Chips

Fish on Hawker

Get your fish and chip fix at Fish on Hawker- NightQuarter. They serve you crispy flathead and chips on special for only $10! Cheap as chips!