If you love American eats… get ready to drool.


Maple Bacon Donuts

Sweet Bliss Donuts

What’s more American than a glazed donut with bacon and maple syrup?! Sweet Bliss Donuts have all the best glazed donuts with toppings that will blow your mind. There is cookies and cream, M&M, macroon, custard, Nutella, jam ball and now their maple bacon donut!

Sweet Bliss Donut’s famous fluffy donut’s topped with maple bacon and icing!


Craft Sodas

Fizz Soda Shop

Soda crafted with style! Fizz Soda Shop make organic soda, American-style craft soda and of course, slushies! Their craft sodas are perfect for a cheat day, with toppings like cotton candy and lollies, they are an awesome treat for all!

The first soda in the lineup is called ‘Jaws’, a mixture of blue and red artisanal cordials fizzed up with some bubbles and garnished with a shark lolly, it actually looks like a shark attack!

Slow Cooked Pulled Pork Burger

Grumpi’s Smoke and Grill

With Grumpi’s just around the corner from you, who even needs to visit the USA? They bring top of the line American cuisine to your local area! Slow cooked brisket, pulled pork, burgers, nachos, ribs, chicken wings, what more could you want? Just to give you an idea of how good their feeds really are, Grumpi’s American-style BBQ won NightQuarter’s Best Food Vendor Award last year! They serve up an unforgettable feast.

BBQ pulled pork burger with coleslaw and homemade BBQ sauce, served with charcoal roasted chicken wings coated in Grumpi’s signature rub.

Candyland Waffle

Bean Around Broadbeach

Creators of mind-blowing wedding and special occasion cakes by day, Bean Around Broadbeach create gourmet waffle creations at NightQuarter by night. With a vintage themed store, ladies in 50s style pin up outfits will create their waffle creations in front of your eyes. All their flavours of gelato are handmade and their piping hot waffles are made to order.

Their Candyland Waffle is a hot waffle topped with vanilla bean icecream, candy pieces, sprinkles and syrup!

Crazy Shakes


Melt is helmed by an artist who has turned her creativity towards the world of desserts. Specialising in crazyshakes… milkshakes with gravity defying toppings, there is always something new to discover at Melt.  With high quality dairy products, perfectly placed toppings and a whole lot of passion… each crazyshake is a masterpiece. As well as creating four brand new crazy shakes every month, they also create crazy special occasion crazyshakes!

Introducing the Mars Bar Crazyshake… a caramel milkshake topped with loads of whipped cream, Twix, Mars Bar pieces and a strawberry!

Sweet and Salty Popcorn

Kernel Pop

All popcorn made at Kernel Pop is made fresh daily and is dairy free, gluten free, nut free and vegan friendly! Salty, sweet and salty and salted caramel flavour popcorn are all on offer! The smell of the popcorn being made right in front of you and the sweet taste of sugar and salt combining will give you carnival flashbacks.

Sweet and salty popcorn made with only 4 ingredients! It’s a flavour explosion!

Brats haus

Nutella and Salted Caramel Funnel Cake

World Famous Funnel Cakes 

World Famous Funnel Cakes transports you into a vintage cabaret parlour where girls dance to vintage electric swing music all whilst making your gourmet Funnel Cake. What is a funnel cake you might ask? Soft like a donut, crispy like a churro with the sweetness of a waffle. The perfect American-style dessert! Cooked to order and served hot, with vanilla bean ice cream and your choice of gourmet toppings.

Their Nutella and salted caramel funnel cake is to die for! A warm funnel cake served with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with tons of Nutella and salted caramel sauce, garnished with a Ferrero Roche and toffee! It’s a flavour explosion!


The S.P Special

Spotted Pig

Spotted Pig’s menu is like a dream come true. American style burgers, hotdogs, fries, onion rings, they have it all. Choosing what to get is a tough decision, with pulled pork fries, smoked pork kransky hotdogs and gigantic beef and chicken burgers, you’ll need a second to take it all in.

The S.P Special is a burger you won’t forget. 100% Australian gourmet beef patty, streaky bacon, BBQ slow cooked pulled pork, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, coleslaw, BBQ sauce and aioli, all topped with crispy onion rings. Yum.

Coors Beer

NightQuarter Bar

Coors is a world known beer from Colorado, USA, their history stretches back more than 140 years!

A cold glass of Coors can be paired perfectly with any of these American-style eats!


Nutella Cronut

Earth and Steam

Earth and Steam are speciality coffee roasters, creating artisan coffee and a range of cronuts topped and filled with all kinds of goodies! A cronut is a whole new world for all dessert lovers, being half donut, half croissant, it’s nothing like you’ve ever experienced before! They have all the best flavours, from jam to Nutella to salted caramel, there’s a cronut for everyone!

Introducing the Nutella cronut, a freshly made cronut rolled in cinnamon sugar, filled with Nutella, topped with Nutella icing and sprinkled with chocolate shavings! It’s a dream come true!