Ooh la la… We love traditional French treats at NightQuarter!

Crepes, oysters, eclairs and more!


Strawberry and Banana Crepe

Patricks Crepes

No-one does either desserts or romance like the French! Frenchman Patrick wanted to bring all the magic of Parisian crêperies to Australia, and your mouth will be watering as you watch him create his light and fluffy crepes before your eyes. With a huge range of different toppings, one of our favourites is Strawberries and Banana!

Freshly made crepe filled with banana, then topped with fresh strawberries, caramel sauce, chocolate shavings, whipped cream and of course, more banana!


French Cut Steak

The Backyard Bar & BBQ

The Backyard Bar & BBQ are serving up a special French cut steak in celebration of Bastille Day!

Served traditionally with sauteed onions and chat potatoes! Grab yours this Friday only!


Brats haus

French Martini

Depot Bar

The Depot Bar is now serving a French martini!

It’s a yummy mixture of all the traditional French martini goodies, and so instagramable! It changes colour right before your eyes! Topped with lime and orange pieces, it’s a martini you won’t forget.


Chocolate and Caramel Eclair

My Sweet Spot

My Sweet Spot has changed the dessert game. With everything from mousses to cheesecake, to brownies and giant lamingtons, My Sweet Spot has it all… Including these chocolate and caramel eclairs!

Made fresh daily, with a yummy caramel filling and drizzled in loads of chocolate and caramel sauce! These yummy Traditional French treats are ones you won’t want to share.


Mornay Oysters

Yeah The Boysters

Yeah The Boysters have a seafood menu that does not disappoint. With oysters, scallops, fish, prawns and more, all topped with exotic flavors and garnishes, there is a type of seafood for everyone.

Yeah The Boysters are now serving up a special French oyster. A fresh oyster with a cheesy Mornay sauce, so good you’ll keep going back for more.