We have an unforgettable lineup of the best burgers in the business, from Grumpi’s American-style BBQ, to Spotted Pig and more! So come down, grab a burger, or two, to celebrate the most wonderful creation on the earth… burgers!


Pulled Pork Burger

Grumpi’s BBQ
If you’re crazy about low n slow, American style BBQ goodness, then you need to try Grumpi’s slow cooked pulled pork burger. Grumpi’s BBQ use an authentic wood fired BBQ to slow cook all of their delicious meat, which they then serve in the form of nachos, burgers and more!
This is their Pulled Pork Burger, served with Grumpi’s original BBQ sauce, coleslaw and of course the slow cooked pulled pork, all in a delicious gourmet bun.

S.P Special

Spotted Pig

Spotted Pig make unforgettable burgers. With all the best sauces and toppings combined with fresh Australian meat, you’ll be smitten with one bite.

This is their S.P Special, Gourmet Australian beef patty, streaky bacon, BBQ slow cooked pulled pork, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, coleslaw, BBQ sauce, aioli and topped with onion rings.

Burgers For Your Furry Friends

K9 Treats

K9 Treats handcraft dog treats that look good enough to eat! These burger treats are obviously a part of Burgerpalooza, so the pups can join in too!

Don’t just treat yourself to a burger, (or two), treat your furry friends to one too!


Brazilian Style Sub

Steak Out

Steak Out cook steak like no other. Served in subs, on top of fries, toasted sandwiches and more! Not only do they have great steak, they also have the best sweet potato fries known to man!

Picanha, cheese, onion, bacon, tomato, rocket and mayo on a toasted sub bun… this is the ultimate sub combination.


Ice Cream Sliders

Sweet Bliss Donuts

Sweet Bliss Donuts are famous for their range of decadent donuts, but now they have stepped it up a notch with these Icecream Sliders…

A crispy, sugar coated brioche bun, creamy ice cream, decadent salted caramel sauce and hot jam…it’s like a dream come true.


Brats haus

Bacon Dog

The American Hotdog Company 

Hotdogs are basically stretched out burgers, right? American Hotdog Company are fresh onto the NightQuarter streets and are serving up hotdogs so good you will keep coming back for more. With a range of traditional American toppings like pickles, chilli beef sauce and bacon, there’s a hotdog for everyone.

This is our favourite one, ‘The Bacon Dog’, a hotdog in a fresh bun, topped with bacon, onion, cheese, mustard & ketchup.


Gourmet Beef Sliders

The Backyard Bar & BBQ

The Backyard Bar & BBQ serve all the freshest seafood and BBQ goodies straight from their custom built wood fired barbecue, including these gourmet sliders! Using local produce and 100% Australian beef, these sliders are so fresh and sooooo good.

Bacon, cheese, beef and salad, everything you could ever want in one bite.