Tapas Street Stories: Ramen Koji-Ya

Tapas Street Stories: Ramen Koji-Ya



Ramen has arrived in the Northern Gold Coast!

With a range of traditional Japanese ramen dishes, karaage and tapas-style eats… Ramen Koji-ya have quickly become the hottest spot in the markets. We went behind the scenes to learn about the secret ingredients that make their dishes so delicious!

Owner Tomo was inspired by the little-known Japanese seasoning ‘koji’ to open Ramen Koji-ya.

“I have been a chef for over 15 years, and I want to introduce real Japanese food culture. Sushi and tempura are the most commonly recognised Japanese dishes in Australia, but now ramen is getting very popular. We produce a natural and healthy seasoning, and the ramen and karaage is made with the seasoning.”


Koji has been used by Japanese cooks for centuries to make everything from soy sauce and sake to miso and mirin. It’s a living food made from steamed rice treated with a mould called Aspergillus oryzae, and if you love umami it’s about to become your favourite seasoning. The team behind Ramen Koji-ya in Tapas Street use organic dry koji and miso, made right here in the Gold Coast, in their dishes.

“Koji is a Japanese fermented rice, it is the base for every Japanese seasoning such as soy sauce, miso… everything is made from koji. We make koji here in Australia. We have opened this restaurant to introduce Australians to koji.”

Be transported to Tokyo with their authentically delicious ramen. The broth has an intense umami flavour, created with the locally made koji. Rich with noodles, meat, seaweed, vegetables and egg, ramen is the perfect dish for the cooler nights.

“Ramen is getting very popular in Australia right now, but a lot of ramen uses MSG. We are here to create delicious and authentic ramen with natural and healthy ingredients. There is no MSG in our food because of the koji.”

They also serve tender and crunchy karaage (fried) chicken.

“The koji seasoning helps to make the meat tender, when you taste our kaarage chicken, it melts in your mouth because the enzymes from the koji help to break down the protein.”

The karaage is incredibly tender, with crispy crunchy coating and an authentic Japanese flavour. The dish is served with Japanese mayo and spring onions.

No visit to NightQuarter is complete without stopping in at Ramen Koji-ya for their delicious Japanese eats!

Exploring Tapas Street

Exploring Tapas Street

Set within the heart of NightQuarter is a foodies’ paradise called ‘Tapas Street’. Think Mediterranean back alleys meets street food culture, and you have NightQuarter’s signature food precinct ‘Tapas Street’. Named after the tapas style of shared eating, conversation and small bites, Tapas Street is a place to congregate amidst the kaleidoscope of global flavours, and share a meal and bottle of wine.


Shipping Container Design

Upcycled shipping containers create a unique vibe

The space uses up cycled shipping containers, string lights, astroturf and recycled timber to create a unique dining environment. The precinct features twelve shipping container based micro-restaurant concepts, helmed by chefs and food purveyors drawing from heritage family recipes; and a cocktail bar.

Brats haus

Kudu Bar

A shipping container cocktail bar 

Set within the heart of Tapas Street is Kudu Bar. Serving up cocktails, craft beers and fine wines, this is the perfect place to grab a drink while you eat. The namesake for the bar is a kudu head that site proudly on the back of the bar, is a family heirloom inherited by the bar owner. The bar serves a range of classic cocktails from mojitos to espresso martinis, as well as a range of signature cocktails.


Funky Design

Sit below the stars and string lights

With string lights overhead, the ambiance in Tapas Street is romantic (and super Instagrammable!). On clear nights, sit out in the beautiful Queensland weather under the stars while you enjoy your meal.


Celebrate the weekend with cocktails!

There is nothing better than cocktails on a Friday or Saturday evening! Grab your girlfriends or your partner for a night out trying some of the delicious cocktails on offer! Our favourites are the signature espresso martini and the frosé!

Sunsets over Tapas Street

Share a bottle of wine as the sun sets 

Delicious food, a glass of red in hand and the sun setting overhead, what could be better!

Tapas in Tapas Street

Enjoy food from around the globe

As the name suggests, Tapas Street is the place to go to enjoy tapas or a shared dining experience. From Spanish tapas, to Italian, South American and freshly shucked oysters… the best way to do Tapas Street is for everyone to grab a dish and share it!

The authentic Spanish tapas from Little Spain is to die for!

Live Music

Free live music every weekend from local talent

Every Friday and Saturday night, catch live performances from up-and-coming performers from the local area. Playing a mix of your favourite songs accompanied by guitar or keyboard, the perfect vibe is created to enjoy your Tapas Street dining experience!

Your Weekend Plans Sorted!

Filling a niche between street food culture and casual dining, discover authentic flavours from around the globe in Tapas Street. You will find a scaled-up mix of Italian, Spanish, Greek and South American flavours.  The experience allows you to get closer to the action. The friendly faces you see behind the counter own the restaurants, cook the food, create house-made sauces based on heritage recipes, and grow their own ingredients.

The precinct is filled with a community of food purveyors who care about the food they serve and care about creating a memorable experience for diners. There is communal seating, so you can mix and match your eats from different restaurants and share a meal with friends with cuisines from around the world.

Make your next night out in Tapas Street!

Crazy Shake Countdown

Crazy Shake Countdown

Freakshakes became a phenomenon over the past year! These insane concoctions are milkshakes topped with cream, topped with cake, topped with sauce, with sweets and lollies on top – a monstrous mashup of a drink and dessert.

At NightQuarter, we have our own monstrous drink and dessert mashup with Melt’s Crazyshakes!

Melt is helmed by an artist who has turned her creativity towards the world of desserts. Specialising in crazyshakes… milkshakes with gravity defying toppings, there is always something new to discover at Melt.  With high quality dairy products, perfectly placed toppings and a whole lot of passion… each crazyshake is a masterpiece.

As well as creating four brand new crazy shakes every month, they also create crazy special occasion crazyshakes! Countdown our favourite crazyshakes from the past year with us below!


The OG

The Original Gangsters… when these crazyshakes first popped up on Instagram last year, they went viral!

Winter Wonderland


 Birthday Cupcake

Easter Chocolate


Popcorn Extravaganza


Valentines Day Special

Rio de Janeiro Olympics

St Patrick’s Day

Adults Only Bourbon Festival

Caramel Mars Bar

Brats haus

Coconut Frappe with Tapioca Pearls

Must Try Ice Cream Treats at NightQuarter

Must Try Ice Cream Treats at NightQuarter

Treat yo’ self!


I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! We love ice cream at NightQuarter! So many yummy eats in one place… from ice cream, gelato, waffles, popsicles, crepes, crazy shakes, sundaes, nicecream, ice cream sandwiches, to funnel cakes.

Here are our must-try ice cream treats!




Koconut Kid

Koconut Kid uses authentic artisan gelato and sorbet made by Delizia in Brisbane, Gold Medal winners at the Royal QLD Food & Wine Show for ice cream, gelato and sorbet. Using the very best imported Italian machinery and traditional artisan methods used in European gelaterias, their gelato is to die for. All their gelato and sorbet is made from scratch using real ingredients and tastes like no other.

Brats haus

Nutella Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Sweet Bliss Donuts 

Sweet Bliss Donuts not only create the world’s most Instagrammable decadent donuts… they also create ice cream cookie sandwiches! They have just taken things next level with the introduction of their Nutella Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich!

Silky smooth Nutella ice cream sandwiched between two choc-chip cookies, topped with crunchy meringue pieces and drizzled with Nutella.

This dessert will melt hearts!

Brats haus


Pin Up Popsicles

Artisan gourmet ice popsicles with naughty flavours including mojito, bellini and espresso martini. Handcrafted, using fresh fruits and ingredients, you will fall in love with Pin Up Popsicles.





Melt is helmed by an artist who has turned her creativity towards the world of desserts. Specialising in crazyshakes… milkshakes with gravity defying toppings, there is always something new to discover at Melt.  With high quality dairy products, perfectly placed toppings and a whole lot of passion… each crazyshake is a masterpiece.


Funnel Cake

World Famous Funnel Cakes

Funnel cake topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, drizzled with maltesers, Tim Tam, chocolate and peanuts.

Ice Cream Slider

Sweet Bliss Donuts 

A crispy, sugar coated brioche bun, creamy ice cream, decadent sauce and hot jam… ice cream sliders have landed at Sweet Bliss Donuts.


Rainbow Ice Cream Cup

Dip n Dots

The ice cream comes in little dots that you can eat one by one or scoop into your mouth in a bunch!
Score yourself this regular ice cream cup for just $5! Surviving Gold Coast Summer.. priceless.

Pineapple & Watermelon Sundaes

Mango Madness

Mango Madness specialises in pineapple and watermelon sundaes.  Creamy hand-scooped vanilla ice cream is paired with juicy fresh pineapples and watermelons.  Served in a pineapple or watermelon shell, the flesh of real pineapples or melon balls combines with creamy vanilla ice cream and rich sauce. They are garnished with fruit and cocktail umbrellas for a perfect Summer treat.

Banoffee and Apple Pie Gelato Waffles

Flake n Bake

Creators of mind-blowing wedding and special occasion cakes by day, Flake n Bake create gourmet waffle creations at NightQuarter by night. With a vintage themed store, ladies in 50s style pin up outfits will create their waffle creations in front of your eyes.

All their flavours of gelato are handmade and their piping hot waffles are made to order. This waffle features banoffee and apple pie gelato, chocolate sauce, fresh strawberries and bananas and whipped cream!

These waffles will take you back in time.

Coco Pitaya NiceCream Bowls

Koconut Kid

A refreshing, healthy and guilt free treat, this Coco Pitaya NiceCream bowl is full of good stuff. Topped with fresh fruit like blueberries, kiwi fruit, strawberries and cherries, it is perfect for a Summer evening. It comes in a variety of flavours including Acai, Pitaya, Piña Colada, Lemon and Chocolate.

Strawberries & Cream Crepes

Patrick’s Crepes

No-one does either desserts or romance like the French! Frenchman Patrick wanted to bring all the magic of Parisian crêperies to Australia, and your mouth will be watering as you watch him create his light and fluffy crepes before your eyes. With a huge range of different toppings, one of our favourites is Strawberries and Cream! Fresh strawberries, generous dollops of whipped cream, a drizzle of chocolate sauce and a dusting of icing sugar. Ooh la la!

Coconut Bowls

Koconut Kid

Looking for a fresh dessert? Look no further than Koconut Kids heaped coconut bowls, filled with all kinds of goodness.

Choose from six different Delizia gelato flavours or three different sorbets, and get a double scoop heaped into a coconut, along with fresh fruit, freshly grated coconut flakes, coconut flesh and apple or pineapple crunch.

Honey Puff Nutella Sundae

Turkish Gozleme

Street food at it’s best! A generous heaping of fried cinnamon balls are drizzled with honey and dusted with icing sugar. A scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream is added, with nuts and cinnamon sprinkled on top. The sundae is then garnished with melted Nutella.

Banana Split

Koconut Kid 

There is no better combination than ice cream and fresh fruit! The Coco “Bounty” Banana Split is fresh grated coconut, split banana, your choice of any gelato or sorbet, mini bounty bar, cream, strawberry to garnish and Nutella or chocolate sauce… Just a little bit naughty but so so nice….

Barbecue, Burgers and Bourbon Cupcakes | All Your Dude Food Dreams Come True!

Barbecue, Burgers and Bourbon Cupcakes | All Your Dude Food Dreams Come True!

There is always a huge range of dude food at NightQuarter… from American style barbecue, woodfired barbecue, huge burgers, porchetta, slow-cooked marinated lamb and more!


Grumpi’s Smoke and Grill

Get ready to get the meat sweats! Grumpi’s Smoke and Grill are NightQuarter’s very own pitmasters! They slow cook mouth watering brisket, pulled pork, chicken wings and more! Low and slow is how they roll!

Marinated Lamb

Marinated Lamb serves Australian lamb marinated for 72 hours and then lovingly and patiently cooked on slow heat  for 10 hours. It is presented in an organic bamboo cone with lettuce, garlic bread, tomatoes and onions. It is garnished with homemade yoghurt, garlic and dill sauce and a splash of fresh lemon.




The double Mini Phat Burger at Longboards in Tapas Street is a sight to behold!  It features wagyu beef patty, streaky bacon, BBQ pulled pork, cheddar cheese, mixed lettuce, house made coleslaw, tomato, beer battered onion rings PHAT sauce & sweet baby rays BBQ sauce. Wow!

They have been voted the #3 best burger in Australia by Trip Advisor, so you know that you need to check them out!



The ultimate in dude food! These sausages are giant!

Brat Haus provides huge German sausages and other inspired fare to salivating customers. On the menu are giant bratwurst, kranskis, and cheese kranskis. Delicious and generous German sausages on buns smothered in sauces, sauerkraut and mustard… your weekend is sorted!


Porchetta is the Italian version of pork roast, stuffed with garlic and herbs and generously salted, it is utterly sublime.  Tuscan on Tapas leave your mouth watering over their slow-cooked pork and salty crackling… you can get a porchetta plate or a porchetta burger!

Italian Napoletana Pizza

Wildfire Pizza only has one mission and is to deliver a mouth watering sensation that leaves you lingering for another taste weeks after your first mouthful. This pizza is their classic Italian Napoletana, with homemade sauces, mozzarella and fresh tomato.

New York Gourmet Cheezy’s

Holy Cheezus! New York Gourmet Cheezy’s makes a triple cheese Mac n Cheese grilled cheese sandwich! This grilled cheese sandwich is stuffed with creamy macaroni and cheese for double the gooey cheesy deliciousness. It’s a combo of two of our favourite things! 

Bourbon-Infused Cupcakes

It’s the cake with a kick! Flake n Bake make innovative alcohol-infused cupcakes. They came up with the idea when customers requested something special for Valentine’s Day and they have become a massive hit! They come with a pipette of bourbon, which you can drink as a shot or add it into the sponge. The sponge is mixed with bourbon and then topped with a chocolate ganache which is also mixed with alcohol.

Discover Your New Favourite Beer

Discover Your New Favourite Beer

There’s nothing better than an ice cold beer… or four to say cheers to the weekend! At NightQuarter there is a huge range of beers.. from locally brewed beers, to craft beers, to Aussie classics.


The Twisted Palm

Newest member to the Burleigh Brewing family is The Twisted Palm. Twisted Palm is an easy drinking, laid-back Tropical Pale Ale, which we are affectionately describing as Burleigh in a bottle. With hop-driven characters of orange, mango and papaya, it delivers a tropical taste that is sure to put the sand between your toes and the tan on your skin.

Brats haus

Hassle Hop

When Burleigh Brewing’s five brewers got together to debate their favourite hops, there were five distinct views of each… so Hassle Hop uses them all! The beer strikes a fine balance that brings out the best of each, without compromising the others. A luscious fruity maltiness is further enhanced by the tropical hop character, creating a beautifully balanced, highly hoppy, stronger-than-your-average pale ale.


My Wife’s Bitter

You could say it takes a special kind of love for a man to brew a beer in honour of his wife.Inspired by love, and the traditional English pub classic, we’ve created a coastal version of this timeless brew that’s as refreshing in summer as it is comforting in winter.Styled after England’s ‘session beer’, Burleigh Brewing’s coastal version of a classic English bitter is brewed with a unique blend of English specialty malts that generate a smooth, malty flavour – with a hint of ‘nuttiness’ and a soft caramel character. The combination of traditional English hops lends a finely balanced aroma. Matched perfectly with a robust meat such as duck, beef and lamb.


Burleigh Brewing HEF boasts the classic German wheat beer characteristics of banana and clove, rich flavours, a bright white head and a smooth, creamy texture. It is an unfiltered, refreshing, flavour-filled beer without being overpowering. Now, HEF is one of our most highly awarded beers – which helped inspire the phrase ‘those in the know, insist on the mo’.


Have you ever been kicking around with your mates, half-daydreaming about stuff you could/should do when someone mentions something that seems so outrageous that you just have to have a crack at it?

We reckon that’s how man first landed on the moon. It’s also an approximate explanation of the genesis of Bighead. Brewing a full-flavoured, full-strength beer with no carbs seemed impossible. But just because nobody had done it before, it didn’t mean it couldn’t be done . And the result is something Burleigh Brewing are truly proud of. Burleigh Brewing Bighead No Carb Lager is a full-flavoured, full-strength beer that is 100% natural and boasts a clean, crisp taste. With zero carbs and only 88 calories per bottle, Bighead is brewed traditionally, with an innovative twist. The depth of flavour will surprise you.



Crisp in taste, with a brilliant, bright appearance and low in carbs, our beer is bottled at the peak of freshness, so that every Coors starts cold and refreshing, and ends the same smooth way.



Cold filtered genuine draft. Brewed from the finest malted barley, selected cereal grains and choicest hops. A popular quaffing beer with a smooth dry finish.

Milllers Chill 

Miller Chill is beer that pays homage to the Latin practice of adding dash of lime to beer to produce fresh flavours and vibrant aromatics. A “Chelada” styled lager, Miller Chill is also low in carbs, giving you the flavour experience without the guilt factor!

Blue Moon

In addition to our refreshingly unique Blue Moon Belgian White*, we also offer our collection of flavourful seasonal and limited release beers that reflect Blue Moon’s twist on various beer styles. An appreciation for the creative process and a passion for brewing enable us at Blue Moon Brewing Company® to offer a welcome twist of flavour in our beers that everyone can enjoy.


Little Creatures Pale Ale 

Little Creatures use whole hop flowers in their Pale Ale, which gives it a pretty serious citrus and stone fruit flavour, balanced with specialty malts and a decent hit of bitterness.

Little Creatures Bright Ale

Little Creatures Bright Ale will hit you with a  refreshing, balanced Australian Ale that binds subtle malt characters with a fruity hop aroma and gentle bitterness for a clean, crisp taste. This bright-filtered ale takes inspiration from both the new and old worlds of brewing. It may be a hybrid ale in origin, but we like to think of it as the creation of a truly Australian style of ale.

Little Creatures Rogers

Named after two of the finest Rogers in the game, this amber ale is malty, full-bodied, yet smooth with gentle bitterness. Velvet smooth, Rogers weaves together the best whole hop flowers and toasted malts into a silky mid strength ale like no other. 

White Rabbit White Ale

White Rabbit White Ale delivers refreshing hints of coriander, juniper berry and bitter orange, with fresh fruity aromas and only a gentle amount of bitterness. A touch of local honey naturally conditions the Ale.

White Rabbit Dark Ale

Brewed out of the old ‘Little Creatures’ Brewery that was carted across the country from Fremantle, this great dark ale has a great intensity with sweet tones. Medium hops with caramel and toffee notes that lingers for considerable time.

Knappstein Reserve Lager

A Bavarian style Lager with intense fruity characters. A full and round palate with intense citrus and melon fruits with subtle pine flavours. Intense and persistent honeyed malt and hop finish. As only a beer made by a winemaker could, this beer has a distinctive wine-like balance with an elegance and unparalleled substance and style.

Kosciuszko Pale Ale

First brewed in the “highest brewery in Australia” in Jindabyne, NSW, Kosciuszko Pale Ale refreshes your palate with pleasant rich maltiness and a fruity hoppy finish. Galaxy and Pride of Ringwood hops are used to deliver a fruity take on the Pale Ale style.


James Squire 150 Lashes

James Squire One Fifty Lashes Pale Ale is a crisp finishing, Australian style cloudy Pale Ale with malted wheat for refreshing character and a concoction of hops which create fruity aromas of passionfruit, grapefruit and citrus.

James Squire Hop Thief

James Squire Hop Thief American Pale Ale has a mild malt backbone with a balanced blend of spice, grapefruit and floral aromas. It delivers pleasant citrus-like flavours on the palate and clean bitterness finish.

James Squire The Chancer Golden Ale

James Squire The Chancer Golden Ale is a fruit-driven beer that is light in texture but full on flavour -a wonderfully well rounded style. A fresh and fruity brew with a dry finish that makes it the ideal thirst quencher for your weekend.

James Squire The Constable Copper Ale

Brewed as a tribute to James’ transformation from con to cop, the Constable Copper Ale crystal and pale malts and a lingering hop bitterness, plus a balanced nose of floral, citrus and earthy notes.


Swindle yourself a moment to savour this refreshing dry hopped Summer Ale.The Swindler Summer Ale pairs a firm malt base with a cunning blend of Calypso and El dorado hops, dry hopped for maximum aroma. Light straw in appearance with a billowy head and tropical notes of pear and watermelon, it’s an ale worth swindling some time for.


A beer of finesse featuring coffee and chocolate notes with a pillowy head.Jack of Spades Porter is perfect for colder winter months and pairs with hearty roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, porterhouse steak or take it to your dessert course and match it with a chocolate mud cake, double cream and raspberries.


James Squire Apple Cider-

Fresh, seasonal apples and pears provide a fragrant aroma and crisp finish. Following the success of Orchard Crush Apple Cider, we turned our attention to pear cider. Now, let’s be clear, Orchard Crush Pear Cider is an equal, not a sequel – as anyone who experiences the fresh pear aroma, subtle sweetness and smooth finish will quickly appreciate. This medium-dry cider is made from seasonal Australian pears, predominantly Packham pears, and goes perfectly with a cheese platter or a ploughman’s. 


James Squire Pear Cider

Fresh, seasonal apples and pears provide a fragrant aroma and crisp finish. Following the success of Orchard Crush Apple Cider, we turned our attention to pear cider. Now, let’s be clear, Orchard Crush Pear Cider is an equal, not a sequel – as anyone who experiences the fresh pear aroma, subtle sweetness and smooth finish will quickly appreciate. This medium-dry cider is made from seasonal Australian pears, predominantly Packham pears, and goes perfectly with a cheese platter or a ploughman’s. 



XXXX Bitter

The Pride of Queensland. It takes a special brew to satisfy the thirst of Queenslanders – so in the summer of 1924 a unique brew was created. The result was a new-style Lager that tasted crisp, yet bitter. Perfect for drinking icy cold in the hot Queensland climate. Official beer of the Queensland Maroons.



A staple of the Queensland beer diet, XXXX Gold is popular across the country due to its crisp, clean and refreshing taste at only 3.5%.


Toohey’s New

Back in the 1860s, brothers John and James Toohey, started their legendary brewery. Through hard work and determination their name and their recipes live on. Toohey’s New is now an iconic Australian BBQ beer. No artificial additives or preservatives. Serve ice cold.

Hahn Premium Light

One of Australia’s favourite premium light beers. Brewed for full flavour and refreshment, Hahn Premium Light uses imported hops and the finest Australian malt. Contains no artificial additives or preservatives. A fresh, crisp thirst quencher.

Hahn Superdry

If awkwardly slow brewing was a sport, Hahn SuperDry 3.5 would take the trophy every time. Made with the same modern brewing techniques, it offers the deliciously full-flavoured, crisp and dry taste that makes our beer unique. But with 3.5% alcohol, it’s a little lighter than the original brew.

Hahn Ultra

Hahn Ultra combines the best of modern brewing techniques with the finest ingredients to create a full flavoured beer that’s only 0.2 standard drinks per bottle. It is truly a breakthrough that beer lover had been waiting for. It has a light and crisp palate with great balance between maltiness and hoppiness. It is also low in bitterness with a refreshing after taste.

Tooheys Extra Dry

Tooheys Extra Dry is well known for its clean, refreshing taste. Its crisp, dry finish is achieved by an extended fermentation, ensuring minimal residual fermentable sugars. Wonderful fruity, malty notes accompany a mellow middle palate, leaving a clean aftertaste.


XXXX Summer Bright Lager

A light, crisp dry style Lager with a mild bitterness for that easy drinking summer time beer.

Summer Bright Mango

Summer Bright with Mango is made using the same great recipe as the Lager, however like Lime the brewers have added a dash of Mango late in the brewing process. Summer Bright with Mango has a refreshing fruit taste and sweet finish. It’s also free from preservatives and has no artificial flavours.

Summer Bright Lime

Summer Bright with Lime is made using the same great recipe as Summer Bright Lager, however the brewers have added a dash of Lime late in the brewing process. Summer Bright with lime is citrusy with a light sweetness but low in bitterness, malt and body. It’s also free from preservatives, has no artificial flavours and lower carb.

Beer, Bourbon & Barbecue Festival

What: Celebrate everything beer, bourbon and barbecue with your mates this weekend at NightQuarter!

When: Friday 17th and Saturday 18th February

Cost: $3 entry, kids 12/u free.

Beer, Bourbon and Waffle Making workshops $10