Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is quickly apporaching, so we have come up with the ultimate NightQuarter Christmas Gift Guide to give you an insight of the gift possibilities!

We’ve got everything from home decor, accessories, candles, fashion, toys and more, so there’s something for everyone here at NightQuarter!


Triple Scented Candles

Miscellas Soy Candles

Miscellas Soy Candles is Christmas present galore! Big candles, small candles, triple scented candles, they’ve got it all! All candles are handmade with Australian products.

Triple scented candles are perfect when you can’t decide on just one scent!


Unique Denim Jacket

The Boho Shed

The Boho Shed is fashion heaven for all bohemian style lovers! These denim jackets are perfect all year round, never falling out of style! With unique patterns and artwork stitched onto the back of each jacket, you won’t find them anywhere else!

With a range of flowy dresses, skirts, shirts and these one of a kind denim jackets, you’re sure to find a gift for any bohemian lover!


Unicorn Toys


Treasurama have everything from kids toys to home decor and loads more! They have all your Christmas gifts sorted this year! There is a huge range of unicorn products at Treasurama, from putty to hand puppets, growing unicorns, pens, sharpeners, bobbles, jellies and more!

These gifts are perfect for any unicorn lover!

Bohemian Dresses

The Boho Shed

The Boho Shed have a huge clothing range designed and made in Australia! You can find bohemian dresses, jackets, tops, bottoms, accessories and more!

You’re sure to find the perfect gift for any bohemian style lover!


Vintage Kids Toys

Not Just Retro

Not Just Retro have the coolest retro/ vintage items known to man! Lamps, games, signs, patches, kids toys and more!

You can find awesome gifts for the whole family at Not Just Retro!


Girls Dresses

Janet’s Kids Clothes

Janet’s Kids Clothes have adorale outfits for young boys and girls that make the perfect gifts!

These girls dresses will make any little girl feel like a princess!


Eclectic Purses

Sparkle Bark Jewellery 

Sparkle Bark Jewellery have a huge collection of unique bags, purses, headwear, jewellery and more, making it the perfect Christmas present spot! There is a range of purses that are all handmade with recycled materials, and they are gorgeous! Each product is very unique, so they make the perfect gift!

There is a range of different patterns and colours available on the purses.


Squishy Toys

Aussie Walking Pet Balloons

Aussie Walking Pet Balloons have crazy toys that will blow your mind!

These squishy toys squeeze, bend and twist, then go straight back to their original form! Not only are they fun to play with, they smell amazing too, like candy! Find them in all shapes, sizes and colours!



Retro Patches

Not Just Retro

Not Just Retro have a range of patches to customize you bags, clothes or whatever comes to mind!

They have everything from pineapples to your favourite rock band names!


Brats haus

DIY Craft Gifts

Arts & Crafts Stall

DIY, handmade gifts are always great for Christmas! The Arts & Crafts Stall has a range of sculptures that you or the kids can paint however you like! There are animal scupltures, scenery scupltures, people sculptures, and loads more!

There is a collection of paints for you to use and design your gift for a friend or family member!


Home Decor


Not only do Treasurama have adorable unicorn toys for the kids, they also have home decor for mum! Dream catchers, statues, paintings and loads more bohemian style decorations for your home!

Home decor is an awesome Christmas present for anyone who loves to decorate and you’re sure to find something at Treasurama!

Greenstone Necklace

Mai Gifts

Find a huge range of gifts straight out of New Zealand at Mai Gifts!

Greenstones, art, clothing, CD’s, jewellery and loads more!


Unicorn Bath Bombs

Miscellas Soy Candles 

Not only do Miscellas Soy Candles have an awesome range of candles, they also have crazy unicorn bath bombs!

There is a range of different unicorn scents!

Burger Dog Treats

K9 Cakes

K9 Cakes have your furry friends gifts sorted this Christmas! Not only do they have champagne for cats, they also have beer for dogs and a range of dog treats that look good enough to eat! Burgers, cupcakes, fries, they have it all and more!

All treats are handmade with ingredients that are safe for your pups to enjoy!

Brats haus

Gift Packs


Treasurama is the one stop shop for Christmas shopping! Toys for the kids, decor for mum and dad and these awesome gift packs full of decorations and everyday items with a bohemian twist!

Get items indivually or all together as a bunch!

Tree Of Life Necklace

Summer Beach Styles 

Not only do Summer Beach Styles have gorgeous mandalas, bed sets and floor cushions, they also have bohemian style jewllery!

These tree of life necklaces are a great final touch to a Christmas gift!

Live Music Tickets

NightQuarter Music Events

What better Christmas suprise than to gift someone with tickets to The Best Night Ever featuring Grinspoon and Britsh India?!

Post-grunge Aussie rockers Grinspoon have announced their very own not-quite New Years bash, Best Night Ever!, set to shake up Nightquarter on the Gold Coast on Saturday 30 December.  The legendary Grinners will be joined by fellow rock royalty British India and local up and comers Eliza & The Delusionals and Voiid.

Buy tickets here


Retro Signs

Not Just Retro 

Not Just Retro is the holy grail store for unique, vintage style gifts! You can find toys, lamps, magnets, signs, games and loads more! They have gifts for everyone young and old!

These retro magnetic signs are perfect for decorating a home with a retro taste or even a mancave!

Cat Champagne

K9 Cakes 

Your Christmas shopping isn’t complete without something for your furry friends! K9 Cakes have a variety of treats, eats and drinks that are 100% safe for the furry babies to enjoy!

Ever wanted to have a toast of champagne with your cat? Now you can!


Whipped Soap

Miscellas Soy Candles

Unlike the soap you’re probably used to, whipped soap is more like a foaming body butter! The soap is super moisturizing!

You can find a range of different colours and scents!

Kids Superhero Masks

Superhero’s & More

The kids can become whatever they want to be at Superhero’s & More! Find a variety of different superhero masks, capes, action figures, fidget spinners and loads more!

They have loads of fun gifts for boys and girls this Christmas!

Coffee Body Scrub

Miscellas Soy Candles

Coffee body scrub is so on trend at the moment! What better way to exfoliate than with a delicious coffee scented scrub?! It makes the perfect gift!

Miscellas Soy Candles hand make the scrub, so you know it’s full of love!


Outdoor Swing

The Boho Shed

The Boho Shed have a huge collection of bohemian style home decor!

There are so many gift opportunities, like this outdoor swing!

Candle Melts

Miscellas Soy Candles

Miscellas Soy Candles have a huge range of long lasting, soy candle melts! There are endless amounts of scents and burners to choose from!

Anything candle related makes a perfect Christmas gift!

Indian Mandalas

Summer Beach Styles 

Summer Beach Styles have gorgeous home decor gifts! With a range of genuine Indian mandalas, bed sets and floor cushions, there’s something for everyone!

Mandalas are the perfect Christmas gift as they make awesome beach blankets, and who doesn’t go to the beach around Christmas time?!

Unique Rings

Sparkle Bark Jewellery
Know a jewellery lover? Sparkle Bark Jewllery have you sorted this Christmas with a huge range of unique, handmade rings, earrings, necklaces, headwear and more! All products at Sparkle Bark Jewllery are handmade with recycled materials.
There is a collection of unqiue, bohemian style rings at Sparkle Bark Jewllery, they are the perfect gifts!

Rainbow Bath Bombs

Miscellas Soy Candles

Bath bombs are perfect gifts, so simple but so cool! Miscellas Soy Candles have bath bombs in all shapes, sizes and scents!

These rainbow bath bombs smell just as good as they look!

Cheese Board

Australian Rescued Timbers
Australian Rescued Timbers re-invent old cast off timbers into useable products for your home. They have cheese boards, chopping boards, boxes, candle holders, clocks and more!
Cheese boards make the perfect Christmas gift for mums, dads, friends and more!

DIY Candle

Miscellas Soy Candles
At Miscellas Soy Candles, you can create your own candle! There are a range of different candle sands of all colours and scents! For just $10 you will receive a jar to fill with candle sand to customize the perfect gift for a loved one!
DIY Christmas presents are always the best!


Not Just Retro
Not Just Retro have a range of lamps and they are awesome! They’re the perfect gift for kids or adults wanting some cool home decor!
Dinosaurs, cacti, owls and more… What cooler way to light up the room?!

Christmas Giveaway

Miscellas Soy Candles

Miscellas Soy Candles are having a November Christmas Giveaway!

Spend $30 or more in the Miscellas Soy Candles store to be in the draw to WIN this Electric Warmer & Melts Gift Basket just in time for Christmas! Prize will be drawn on the 30th November!


Macrame Cushion Covers

The Boho Shed

Macrame clothing, acessories and home decor are so in at the moment!

The Boho Shed have gorgeous macrame cushion covers that make the perfect gift for any home decor lover!

Rattan Bag

The Boho Shed 

The Boho Shed not only has a range of bohemian style home decor and fashion, they also have unique accessories like this rattan bag!

Rattan bags are hand made with a gorgeous lining and give all the Summer vibes, they make the perfect Christmas gift!

Christmas Gift Pack

Miscellas Soy Candles

Can’t choose what to grab from Miscellas Soy Candles for gifts this Christmas? Get everything in one gift pack!

Melt burners, bath bombs, candles… Their gift packs have it all and more! They’re even decorated with Christmas decorations!


Dream Catchers

The Boho Shed

The Boho Shed have a gigantic range of dream catchers, with all kinds of different sizes, colours and patterns!

We love these macrame dream catchers!

Rack & Rummage Sale July

Rack & Rummage Sale July

The countdown is on…
The NightQuarter rack and rummage sale pops up on Saturday the 28th July! Come and discover an eclectic assortment of treasures.

– vintage and preloved fashion
– kids fashion, toys, accessories
– bohemian fashion
– mandala throws
– colourful kaftans
– plants and succulents
– homewares

The NightQuarter rack and rummage sale is on every month, on the last Saturday of the month. We can’t wait to see you there!


Pre-Loved Jeans

Brats haus

Women’s Fashion


Kid’s Clothing

Pre-Loved Designer Label

Brats haus



Preloved Fashion

Boho Homewares


Bags and Accessories

Vintage Clothes & Accessories

Unique Men’s T Shirts

Tapas Street Stories: Yeah The Boysters

Tapas Street Stories: Yeah The Boysters



If you love oysters, Yeah The Boysters micro restaurant in Tapas Street is the place to be.

Yeah The Boysters bring the freshest oysters to the NightQuarter streets. They have a range of different oysters, all shucked fresh to order, either straight off the grill or all natural! Yeah They Boysters also offer seafood platters with fresh prawns, bugs, scallops and more!

Yeah The Boysters have a menu that does not disappoint. They have an array of delicious toppings that are paired with their fresh oysters, from blue vein cheese to grilled bacon and even salmon caviar! Our favourite from their menu is ‘The Dirty Mike’, a fresh oyster topped with hot lime, cracked pepper and Tabasco!


There are over a hundred different types of oysters around the world, the most common in Australia being Pacific oysters and Sydney rock oysters. Yeah The Boysters use both of these in their micro restaurant. The Pacific oyster is native to the Pacific coast of Asia. It has become an introduced species in North America, Australia, Europe, and New Zealand.

“We get two types of oysters, Pacific oysters from Coffin Bay in South Australia as well as Sydney rock oysters right out of Wallis Lakes. Freshness is a priority” 

People either love or hate oysters, but trying the right ones from the right place can make anyone fall in love! Oysters can be paired with so many different sauces and toppings, and Yeah The Boysters have created a unique menu that has a wide range of flavours from all around the world.

“In terms of the oysters my personal favourite is probably ‘The Last Samurai’ which has become very popular, it’s a deep fried crumbed oyster that has a lot of unique Japanese flavours. The ‘Kill Patrick’ and the ‘Dirty Mike’ are our most popular oysters on the menu aside from our natural oysters.”  

Owners of Yeah The Boysters have always loved seafood and the ocean in general, which inspired them to start their micro restaurant in Tapas Street.

“We’ve always wanted to do something like this, we heard about an opportunity here at NightQuarter and had recently moved to the Gold Coast at the time. We had visited NightQuarter a few times and loved the atmosphere. We all sat down and spoke about it and said if we are gonna try something we might as well try this and see how we go, and now we love it.” 

Every Sweet Tooth Has To Try These Desserts!

Every Sweet Tooth Has To Try These Desserts!

Chocoholics and sweet tooths unite! If you are obsessed with desserts, your day is about to become a little brighter. We have rounded up our top picks for dessert this month… and they are so good that they probably should be illegal.


Nutella Cronut

Earth and Steam

Earth and Steam are speciality coffee roasters, creating artisan coffee and a range of cronuts topped and filled with all kinds of goodies! A cronut is a whole new world for all dessert lovers, being half donut, half croissant, it’s nothing like you’ve ever experienced before! They have all the best flavours, from jam to Nutella to salted caramel, there’s a cronut for everyone!

Introducing the Nutella cronut, a freshly made cronut rolled in cinnamon sugar, filled with Nutella, topped with Nutella icing and sprinkled with chocolate shavings! It’s a dream come true!

Brats haus

Fizz Craft Soda

Fizz Soda Shop

Soda crafted with style! Fizz Soda Shop make organic soda, craft soda and slushies! The organic sodas are made with a range of artisanal cordials, mixed with soda water and garnished with fresh mint and berries, they are the perfect healthy alternative for quenching that soda craving! Their craft sodas however are perfect for a cheat day, with toppings like cotton candy and lollies, they are an awesome treat for all!

Fizz Soda Shop’s Raspberry and mint organic soda is made with artisanal raspberry cordial mixed with fresh mint and raspberries! It is a whole new level of refreshment!




Banana-Bounty Split

Koconut Kid

Koconut Kid have your gelato cravings sorted! Their Banana-Bounty split has all the best dessert elements in one dessert! Gelato of your choice, crushed nuts, whipped cream, fresh strawberries and chocolate sauce all on top of a banana! It seems to good to be true! Their gelato range has all the best flavours like chocolate, cookies and cream, strawberry and more!

Our recommended gelato choices are chocolate and cookies and cream! They go perfectly together in a dessert like this!

Giant Lamingtons

My Sweet Spot 

My Sweet Spot hand make all the best desserts, with a range of mouses, brownies, cupcakes, slices, cheesecakes and these famous giant lamingtons, you’ll have a hard time deciding what to try first! Nutella, Tim Tam and Tiramisu mousses, Malteaser, white chocolate, and peanut butter brownies and raspberry macaroon slices are only a few of their awesome flavour combinations to choose from!

Their famous giant lamingotns are made with freshly baked sponge cake cut into giant cubes, drizzled with chocolate sauce and rolled in coconut flakes… they’re so perfect we can’t get enough!

Traditional Dutch Poffertjes

Dutch Poffertjes

Traditonally made Dutch poffertjes served with maple syrup, fresh strawberries, whipped cream and icing sugar… yes please! Dutch Poffertjes are the kings of mini pancakes! There are so many different toppings to choose from, it’s almost impossible to choose which ones to try first! Theres Nutella and cream, strawberries and cream, traditional and even ones with the lot (strawberries, banana, cream, maple syrup and Nutella)! They are the ideal dessert for all!

Crispy Cinnamon Churros

Churros de Oro

Churros de Oro make king-size, super fresh, crispy churros with toppings of your choice! They are cooked right in front of your eyes, rolled in cinnamon sugar and then topped with whatever you choose. They have chocolate and caramel sauce, sprinkles, chocolate drops and lots more on offer, so your churros are custom to you!


Clouds Of Fairy Floss

Kidz Tucker

Eating Kidz Tucker’s fairy floss is like biting into a cloud of sugary goodness! You can get it different shapes and sizes, even a love heart!

Nutella & Salted Caramel Funnel Cake

World Famous Funnel Cakes

World Famous Funnel Cakes transports you into a vintage cabaret parlour where girls dance to vintage electric swing music all whilst making your gourmet Funnel Cake. What is a funnel cake you might ask? Soft like a donut, crispy like a churro with the sweetness of a waffle. Cooked to order and served hot, with vanilla bean ice cream and your choice of gourmet toppings.

Their Nutella and salted caramel funnel cake is to die for! A warm funnel cake served with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with tons of Nutella and salted caramel sauce, garnished with a Ferrero Roche and toffee! It’s a flavour explosion!

A Box Of Sweet Bliss Donuts

Sweet Bliss Donuts 

Sweet Bliss Donuts are famous for their range of decadent donuts with all the best fillings and toppings, but sometimes it’s so hard to choose which donut to try! That problem is now solved with their takeaway box of donuts! Choose 9 different donut flavours and enjoy them all! There is Cookies and Cream, M&M, Macroon, Choc-Delight, Nutella, Jam Ball and so many more amazing flavours to add to your takeaway box, you’ll have your donut cravings sorted for days!

Hot Chocolate


Melt’s new hot chocolates will warm you up this winter! You can get their Triple-Choc Hot Chocolate topped with whipped cream, Twix and chocolate shavings or on special occasions their Unicorn White Hot Chocolate topped with whipped cream, mini marshmallows and sprinkles! Made from pure melted chocolate and warm milk, Melt’s hot chocolates are to die for.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

How awesome are mums? So awesome that they get a whole day dedicated to celebrating them and what they mean to us!

Mother’s Day is happening on Sunday 14th May… and while mums deserve to be celebrated and appreciated 365 days a year, make this day extra special for her with a beautiful gift from the markets.

We have some amazing retailers at NightQuarter, and we went on a shopping adventure to pick out some perfect gifts for mum…


Mandala Throws & Homewares

Summer Beach

Featuring 100% Indian cotton, hand-dyed with a natural vegetable dye, Summer Beach has a huge range of mandala-inspired fashion and homewares. From throws and floor cushions, to beach bags and boho kimonos… this is the perfect place to find a gift for mum.

With every mandala purchase, Summer Beach are giving away a tree of life pendant!



Camphor Laurel Cheeseboards

Williams Brothers Boards

Williams Brothers Boards hand cuts camphor laurel timber to create their cheese and chopping boards.  They log the timber themselves, and then craft their camphor wooden boards. Each one is custom made and completely unique. They make them in all different shapes and sizes… and even make heart shaped cheese boards… perfect for Mother’s Day!


Bohemian Hammocks

The Boho Shed

Hammock chairs have a great boho-hippy vibe, with a gorgeous knot patterned body, tons of fringe, & a deep seat. It can be hung from chains, standard ceilings, open rafters or beams, or a good tree branch.

Create a retreat for mum this Mother’s Day where she can relax and enjoy a glass or wine or read a book, swinging on a verandah or in the garden on a hammock chair.



Soy Candles and Bath Bombs

Miscellas Soy Candles 

Miscellas Soy Candles stocks everything from handcrafted natural soy candles, soy melts, tealights, reed diffusers and melt burners, to bath bombs. We love the triple layer soy candles, they feature three delicious aromas in one and come in gorgeous glass apothecary jars.

You can also create your very own scented sand wax candle in store, the perfect customised gift for Mum!


Handcrafted Jewellery

A Random Patch

The necklaces, rings and earrings from A Random Patch are Etsy favourites! Each piece is delicate and hand crafted, using the finest rose gold and sterling silver. With cute designs featuring hearts, stars, arrows and modern shapes, there is something there for all mums to love. There is also a range of bold statement pieces, including boho feathers and colourful pom poms.

Get your mum something pretty for Mother’s Day!


Home and Giftwares


Treasurama is home to a wide range of home and giftwares. From Kelly Lane goodies, to dreamcatchers and home decor… it’s a treasure trove for Mother’s Day gifts.

The Kelly Lane range has a beachy boho vibe, featuring inspirational quotes printed on decorative canvases or cushions, and vibrant home decor. The pieces reflect the spirit of Australia’s sub-tropical and beach lifestyles, and they are the perfect gift for mums who love the Gold Coast coastal lifestyle.

Fashion Accessories

High Street

Take a stroll along High Street and discover a range of fashion accessory shops and pop up market stalls. You can find watches, jewellery, handbags, shoes and more!


Scrabble Name Plates

The Scrabble Man

Create a personalised message or name plate for your mum with these beautiful scrabble letters. It is a unique and thoughtful gift that can be completely customised for your mum.


Handmade Soap Gift Packs

My Designer Soaps

There is nothing more luxurious or soothing than handmade botanical soaps. The range from My Designer Soap has a rich infusion of herbs with a conditioning formula. With garden-sourced ingredients like lavender, calendula, rosehips, sage, chamomile and aloe vera, they are all natural and handcrafted.

The luxury range, made with luscious, but gentle, soaping oils, high end essential oils and clay is perfect for Mother’s Day! They are even available with custom imprints of the words ‘mother’, ‘grandma’, ‘mum’ and ‘nanna’.

Bohemian Fashion

The Boho Shed

The boho shed is a bohemian fashion lovers dream! With bohemian inspired clothing, dream catchers, headdresses, bags and more… there will be so many gift options for mums who love the boho vibe.

Dessert Tour


Why limit yourself to just one dessert, when you can join us on our very own Dessert Tour and take a bite of up to five different desserts! The hardest part of the night will be choosing between strawberry chocolate fondue, a decadent filled donut or a classic Australian lamington. Email to book!

10 Awesome Things to do This Easter Weekend at NightQuarter

10 Awesome Things to do This Easter Weekend at NightQuarter

Cheers to the long weekend! We have an Easter egg-stravaganza lined up for this weekend as we celebrate all things Easter! There is nothing that we love more than a sugar-fuelled dining adventure, and our food vendors are delivering on the Easter goods! From next-level chocolate egg themed donuts, to cronuts and crazy shakes… get ready to treat yo’ self!

We have an action packed program for the kids, with a Easter Treasure Hunt through the markets on Friday, and three hours of FREE Easter fun in the Kid’s Carnival including the Easter Bunny, a real life bunny and a magic show on Saturday!

Bleach Festival is coming to NightQuarter on Saturday night, and bringing 10 piece Peruvian salsa band Sabor y Control, direct from South America! With a percussion workshop in the afternoon, and then live performances from Sabor y Control and Rio Rhythmics… it’s going to be a sweaty and sultry night of dancing.

On Friday, watch the Titans take on the Broncos in the Backyard… or get your line dance on with a huge lineup of country music in the Paddock.

Join us for an eggcellent weekend! #allthepuns




Easter is not just about eating all the chocolate eggs… it’s about eating ALL THE THINGS!

Make your way around the food stalls at NightQuarter this weekend to try our all the Easter themed treats! Start with a delicious spread of fresh seafood from Fish on Hawker or freshly shucked oysters from Yeah the Boysters, and finish with the Easter donut from Sweet Bliss Donuts. Yum!


The Easter Bunny is hopping into the Kids Carnival this Saturday! With a basket of chocolate eggs and lots of cuddles for young and old… don’t miss out on this Easter fun!

When: Saturday April 15th

Time: From 5:30pm in the Kids Carnival

Cost: Free



Meet Mr Sparkles…. the real magical bunny rabbit! He is just so cute and fluffy! He is a mini-lop bunny rabbit who loves to appear from the oddest of places! Come down and cuddle a real bunny rabbit just in time for Easter!

When: Saturday 15th April

Time: From 5:30pm (in the Kids Carnival)

Cost: Free



Full of loads of magic and audience participation, this show includes a dove that appears from fire and a real live bunny that magically appears just in time for Easter! Fun for the young and the young at heart!

When: Saturday 15th April

Time: From 6:00pm and 7:30pm (in the Kids Carnival)

Cost: Free



The NightQuarter team is calling upon the help of all the little bunnies this Good Friday.  This weekend we will be holding an Easter Egg Hunt. You will be hopping around NightQuarter collecting Easter eggs! Can you find them all?

When: Friday 14th April (Good Friday)

Time: 4:00pm-6:00pm

Cost: Free (limited to the first 100 little bunnies)




Bleach Festival is coming to NightQuarter!

1,2,3 and 5,6,7 and … Start practicing your steps Gold Coast, because Sabor y Control and the Rio Rhythmics are ready for a sweaty and sultry night of dancing. Peruvian 10-piece collective Sabor y Control have just flown over from South America, and they are bringing their funky salsa dura sounds to NightQuarter for their first Australian performance! They will be supported by Rio Rhythmics.

Nothing gets a party started like live South American grooves, cervezas and a standing room only crowd. Come down this Saturday and bring your dancing shoes!

When: Saturday 15th April

Time: From 6pm

Cost: Free


Bleach Festival is coming to NightQuarter!

Join a percussion workshop with Sabor y Control themselves! Learn from the best… these Peruvian salsa musicians know percussion!

Bring your percussion instrument of choice (drums, maracas, you name it…) to the workshop and learn something that you will get to play with the group later in the night during their live set.

When: Saturday 15th April

Time: 4:30pm-6:30pm in The Paddock

Cost: Free (bring your own instruments!)


Get ready for the Zombie Walk at NightQuarter on the 18th April, or get in early for Halloween with a 2 hour zombifying SPFX make-up workshop!  This Saturday night you can learn all the tricks and tips to look like the dead! Professional SPFX make-up artist Amy Cannon, will show you how to make 3D prosthetic transfers and take your zombie make-up to the next level!

When: Saturday 15th April

Time: 4:30-6:30pm

Cost: $75 (bookings essential- email us here to book)


Will the Titans take home the win or will the Broncos take the lead on the Easter long weekend? Bring your mates down to the Backyard, grab a steak and sit back and watch the game on the big screen. Mudslide will be playing the jams you know and love to get you in a winning mood!

We will be showing the 7:30pm Broncos v Titans NRL game live

When: Friday 14th April

Time: 7:30pm 


One of Australian Country Music’s premium vocalists and live performers, Paul Costa is launching his new album! Paul had an amazing response since the release of his 4th album Wheels & Steel opening at #2 on the ARIA charts and scoring #1 radio hits with the first two singles Tractors & Bikes and Big End Of Town. He will be supported by Gemma Kirby.

When: Friday 14th April

Time: From 6:00pm 

Cost: Free