Feasting for cheap? Sounds good to us! We have rounded up all the cheap eats here at NightQuarter because who doesn’t love to feast for cheap? All items mentioned are $10 and under! Desserts, starters, sharing plates or meals, we’ve got them all for cheap!


Butter Chicken

Curry In A Cone

Curry In A Cone use fresh, local produce to create authentic Indian cuisine. They make beef vindaloo, chicken tikka masala, vegetable korma and much more all served with traditional naan bread! All curries are also made gluten free! Curry In A Cone is the perfect way to warm up your weekend!

Traditional butter chicken served in a cone with naan bread.

Brats haus

Halloumi Fries

Fita Pita

Fita Pita’s menu is all about being the ‘healthy alternative’ while still being dangerously delicious. With vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options available, there’s a meal for everyone! Their halloumi fries are made with fresh halloumi which is grilled, then served with aioli and homemade lemonade! It can’t get any better than that!



Mochachino Waffle

Bean Around Broadbeach

Coffee + waffle = IS THIS REAL LIFE? Creators of mind-blowing special occasion cakes and Nitro Coffee by day, Bean Around Broadbeach create gourmet waffle creations at NightQuarter by night. With a vintage themed store, ladies in 50s style pin up outfits will create their waffle creations in front of your eyes.

Freshly baked waffle served with creamy coffee ice cream and whipped cream, drizzled with chocolate sauce and dusted with chocolate.

Char-grilled Chicken Skewer

The Backyard Bar & BBQ

The Backyard Bar & BBQ are all about giving a quintessential Aussie pub experience to the customers. With live bands, a XXXX Bar and a custom built woodfire BBQ, it can’t get more Aussie than that.

The Backyard Bar & BBQ are now serving a large char-grilled chicken skewer with plum sauce and dry slaw… sooooooo good.

The ‘Bacon Dog’

American Hotdog Company

American Hotdog Company are fresh onto the NightQuarter streets and are serving up hot dogs so good you will keep coming back for more. With a range of traditional American toppings like pickles, chilli beef sauce and bacon, there’s a hotdog for everyone.

This is our favourite one, ‘The Bacon Dog’, a hot dog in a fresh bun, topped with bacon, onion, cheese, mustard & ketchup.


The Trio Slammer

Sweet Bliss Donuts

Sweet Bliss Donuts are like no other. Crispy, sugary goodness on the outside and warm and fluffy on the inside, with the most decadent toppings known to man… Yes it’s ok to be drooling, we are too.

Indulge in warm, freshly baked cinnamon donuts topped with hot jam, Nutella, a decadent caramel sauce and of course, whipped cream.

Grilled Prawn Skewers

Fish On Hawker

Fish On Hawker have a huge menu of cheap seafood eats using fresh, local produce. Their menu items are perfect to share with the family or a meal for one! Live tunes + seafood and chips = the best night ever!

We love their grilled prawn skewers with chips!



Unicorn Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Sweet Bliss Donuts


Not only do Sweet Bliss Donuts serve the most decadent donuts know to man, they also have these insane ice cream cookie sandwiches! They have just taken things next level with the introduction of their Unicorn Icecream Cookie Sandwich!

Because anything that looks like a unicorn must taste good!


San Choy Bow

Crying Tiger

Crying Tiger serve traditional Chinese cuisine with a modern feel. We love their san choy bow!

Perfect as a starter, a share for two or a meal for one!

BBQ Pork Skewer

Ubon Thai

Ubon Thai are known for their delicious Pad Thai. Pork, chicken, beef, vegetarian, they’ve got it all!

Their BBQ pork skewers are to die for! Fresh pork marinated with secret ingredients, then grilled on a BBQ and served with lettuce, cherry tomatoes and a special sauce!


Falafel Greek Salad

Fita Pita

Fita Pita’s menu is all about being the ‘healthy alternative’ while still being dangerously delicious. Their falafels are made with chickpeas and a mixture of herbs and spices making it rich in plant protein and fibre! They also serve chicken schnitzel which is crumbed in the falafel mixture! With vegetarian and vegan options, there’s a meal for everyone!

Gluten free falafels served with a fresh Greek salad.

Sweet Potato Fries

Fish On Hawker

Prawns, fish, chips, Fish On Hawker has it all! All menu items are made fresh to order with local produce!

Introducing their sweet potato fries… so crispy and sooooo good!


The Backyard Bar & BBQ

The Backyard Bar & BBQ serve all the freshest seafood and BBQ goodies straight from their custom built wood-fired barbecue, including these gourmet sliders! Using local produce and 100% Australian beef, these sliders are so fresh and sooooo good.

Bacon, cheese, beef and salad, everything you could ever want in one bite.

Tornado Potatoes

Twist n Shake Tornado Potatoes

A potato on a stick put through a slinky machine, rolled in batter, deep-fried and covered in seasoning… it’s like fries but 10 times cooler! All tornado potatoes are made fresh to order and finished with a seasoning or sauce of your choice!


GF Cinnamon Donuts

Sweet Bliss Donuts

Sweet Bliss Donuts are like no other. Crispy, sugary goodness on the outside and warm and fluffy on the inside. Their cinnamon donuts are made fresh to order and are gluten free! Order them with toppings and sauces or just by themselves.

A pack of 5 hot cinnamon donuts is $10!

Nutella Cronut

Earth & Steam

Earth and Steam are speciality coffee roasters, creating artisan coffee and a range of cronuts topped and filled with all kinds of goodies! A cronut is a whole new world for all dessert lovers, being half donut, half croissant, it’s nothing like you’ve ever experienced before! They have all the best flavours, from jam to Nutella to salted caramel, there’s a cronut for everyone!

Introducing the Nutella cronut, a freshly made cronut rolled in cinnamon sugar, filled with Nutella, topped with Nutella icing and sprinkled with chocolate shavings! It’s a dream come true!


Brownie Stack

My Sweet Spot

My Sweet Spot hand make all the best desserts, with a range of mouses, brownies, cupcakes, slices, cheesecakes and these famous giant lamingtons, you’ll have a hard time deciding what to try first! Nutella, Tim Tam and Tiramisu mousses, Malteaser, white chocolate, and peanut butter brownies and raspberry macaroon slices are only a few of their awesome flavour combinations to choose from!

The ‘Brownie Stack’ is your choice of two brownies, ice cream, warm chocolate fudge and a wafer!

Loaded Waffle Fries

Fish On Hawker

Fish On Hawker are known for their fresh seafood and chips, but they have just stepped up their game with their new loaded waffle fries!

Waffle fries, cheese, bacon, sour cream… what more could you want?


Malaysian Satay Chicken Skewers

World Food Market

Dumplings, pork buns, dim sums, chicken skewers, yes please! World Food Market hand make all the freshest and most delicious Asian cuisine dishes that will warm you up instantly!

Malaysian satay chicken skewers served with turmeric rice and salad.


Beer Battered Prawns

Fish On Hawker

Beer battered prawns with smokey chilli mayo and chips…oh yes. Fish On Hawker have all your seafood needs and wants!

Pink Flamingo Soda

Fizz Soda Shop

Soda crafted with style! Fizz Soda Shop make organic soda, craft soda and slushies! The organic sodas are made with a range of artisanal cordials, mixed with soda water and garnished with fresh mint and berries, they are the perfect healthy alternative for quenching that soda craving! Their craft sodas, however, are perfect for a cheat day, with toppings like cotton candy and lollies, they are an awesome treat for all!

Fizz Soda Shop’s Pink Flamingo Soda is to die for. Sweet, tangy, bubbly, all the best qualities of a soda, and it’s so instagramable!

Unicorn Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Sweet Bliss Donuts

Sweet Bliss Donuts are famous for their range of decadent donuts, but now they have stepped it up a notch with these Icecream Sliders…

A crispy, sugar coated brioche bun, creamy ice cream, decadent salted caramel sauce and hot jam…it’s like a dream come true. Get 2 for $10!


Honey Puffs

Honey Puff Stall

Warm, fluffy and delicious… Honey Puffs are unforgetable! Honey Puffs are like little balls of donut, covered in honey and topped with all kinds of yummy toppings!

We love ice cream and Nutella with our honey puffs!


Fried Rice

Teppanyaki Noodles

Traditional fried rice warms the stomach and the heart. Teppanyaki Noodles have a menu that gets you drooling, with skewers, noodles, rice, yakisoba and more!


Salt & Pepper Calamari

Fish On Hawker

Fish On Hawker is cheap eats galore. Almost all menu items are $10 or less! Just like this salt and pepper calamari with chips!

Decadent Donuts

Sweet Bliss Donuts

Sweet Bliss Donuts are famous for their range of decadent donuts. Jam, Cookies & Cream, M&M, Nutella, the list is endless. All donuts are made fresh daily with a secret recipe then filled and topped with all kinds of crazy sauces and treats.


Cheeseburger Popcorn

Kernel Pop

All popcorn made at Kernel Pop is made fresh daily and is dairy free, gluten free options, nut free and vegan-friendly! Salty, sweet and salty, cheeseburger and salted caramel popcorn are all on offer!

Cheeseburger + popcorn = pure happiness. It’s a flavour explosion!

Strawberry & Banana Crepe

Patrick’s Crepes

No-one does either desserts or romance like the French! Frenchman Patrick wanted to bring all the magic of Parisian crêperies to Australia, and your mouth will be watering as you watch him create his light and fluffy crepes before your eyes. With a huge range of different toppings, one of our favourites is Strawberries and Banana!

Freshly made crepe filled with banana, then topped with fresh strawberries, caramel sauce, chocolate shavings, whipped cream and of course, more banana!

Hangi Wrap

Hangi Chef
Hangi Chef use traditional Maori hangi techniques to serve the best hangi in Australia! Their hangi is made fresh daily with chicken and root vegetables.
Hangi wraps are made with the traditional hangi mixture and put into a kebab type wrap which is then toasted to perfection.

Mango Smoothie

PRSD Juice Co.

Peeled, pressed, poured. PRSD Juice Co. are all about freshness. PRSD use local produce to make their juices, smoothies and smoothie bowls.

PRSD have a huge range of smoothies to choose from, acai, berry, chocolate, banana, virgin colada and of course, mango!

Spring Rolls

Ramen Koji-Ya

With a range of traditional Japanese ramen dishes, karaage and tapas-style eats… Ramen Koji-ya have quickly become the hottest spot in the markets.

Spring rolls from Ramen Koji-Ya are like a whole new world! Super crispy, super tasty fillings, it doesn’t get better than that!