Freakshakes became a phenomenon over the past year! These insane concoctions are milkshakes topped with cream, topped with cake, topped with sauce, with sweets and lollies on top – a monstrous mashup of a drink and dessert.

At NightQuarter, we have our own monstrous drink and dessert mashup with Melt’s Crazyshakes!

Melt is helmed by an artist who has turned her creativity towards the world of desserts. Specialising in crazyshakes… milkshakes with gravity defying toppings, there is always something new to discover at Melt.  With high quality dairy products, perfectly placed toppings and a whole lot of passion… each crazyshake is a masterpiece.

As well as creating four brand new crazy shakes every month, they also create crazy special occasion crazyshakes! Countdown our favourite crazyshakes from the past year with us below!


The OG

The Original Gangsters… when these crazyshakes first popped up on Instagram last year, they went viral!

Winter Wonderland


 Birthday Cupcake

Easter Chocolate


Popcorn Extravaganza


Valentines Day Special

Rio de Janeiro Olympics

St Patrick’s Day

Adults Only Bourbon Festival

Caramel Mars Bar

Brats haus

Coconut Frappe with Tapioca Pearls