We love our foodies at NightQuarter and we know that you do too! 2016 was our first year of operating, so we put the call out to find out which food vendors at NightQuarter had found their way into your hearts over the past year. After a huge response, we are proud to announce the winners of the 2016 FEAST Awards! *Drum roll please*




Grumpi’s Smoke and Grill


“Best ribs I’ve ever eaten” “succulent American barbecue- a carnivore’s paradise!”

Grumpi’s BBQ is an American style trailer mounted BBQ Pit. Every Friday and Saturday at NightQuarter they slow cook mouth watering brisket, pulled pork, chicken wings and more! Low and slow is how they roll!
Congratulations Grumpi’s Smoke and Grill on taking out the 2016 FEAST Awards!



“The best calamari on the Gold Coast” “Always so soft and piping hot!” 

As you wander down the streets and alleyways of NightQuarter, you can be certain that before to long you will hear the cries of our most recognisable hawker at NightQuarter! John and the calamari crew are there every week with samples of their delicious calamari. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, the Gold Coast’s best calamari is served hot and fresh!

Little Spain


“Mouth watering, exceptional flavour”  

Little Spain brings ‘a taste of Spain’ to NightQuarter with delicious, authentic paella suited for everyone’s taste buds. They have three classic paellas – a deliciously spicy chicken and chorizo, a tasty seafood melody, and a flavourful vegetarian option. For the bold, there is also a spicy black paella – a mixture of squid ink, cuttlefish, morcilla, mushrooms, black mussels, and fresh chillis.



“The sausages are delicious and the bread is heavenly!”


Brat Haus provides huge German sausages and other inspired fare to salivating customers. On the menu are giant bratwurst, kranskis, and cheese kranskis. Delicious and generous German sausages on buns with all the trimmings… your weekend is sorted!



“The best burger I’ve ever had”


Longboards will not only tempt your palate with its mouthwatering menus and its funky, laidback décor it will have you sitting back and wondering why you didn’t drop by earlier! They have been voted the #3 best burger in Australia by Trip Advisor, so you know that you need to check them out!




Kernel Pop Popcorn


“You can’t get better than the salty and sweet popcorn!”

It’s true… once you pop you can’t stop!
Kernel Pop’s delicious freshly popped corn comes in four different varieties. With salty, sweet and salty, salted caramel and cinnamon… there is no wonder that everyone who visits NightQuarter leaves with a giant bag of this popcorn! So fresh and delicious… we guarantee this is the best popcorn you will ever experience!

World Famous Funnel Cakes


“Crispy, crunchy glorious sweetness!”


World Famous Funnel Cakes transports you into a vintage cabaret parlour where girls dance to vintage electric swing music all whilst making your gourmet Funnel Cake. What is a funnel cake you might ask? Soft like a donut, crispy like a churro with the sweetness of a waffle. Cooked to order and served hot, with vanilla bean ice cream and your choice of gourmet toppings. Some of their most popular Funnel Cakes are The Dancing Cookie Dough, Acrobatic Affogato and the Rocky Road Cabaret. A visit to World Famous Funnel Cakes is all about FUN, interaction with the crowd and service!

Sweet Bliss Donuts


“The most beautiful people… their gluten free cinnamon donuts are to die for!”

Find the most decadent and delicious donuts, milkshakes and dough cones at Sweet Bliss Donuts. From fresh gluten free cinnamon donuts, to decadent creations, Sweet Bliss Donuts is every sweet tooth’s dream!