Top 10 Things At NightQuarter For Kids At Heart

Top 10 Things At NightQuarter For Kids At Heart

NightQuarter has loads of fun for kids and adults alike!

We have rounded up the top 10 things at NightQuarter for kids at heart!



Wear A Unicorn Headband

Flower Crowns

Eat A Tornado Potato

Twist ‘n’ Shake Tornado Potatoes

Cuddle A Bunny

Night Creatures


Brats haus

Drink A Rainbow Margarita

Kudu & Baroque Bars


Instagram & Enjoy A Doughbomb

Sweet Bliss Donuts

Dance In Front Of The Stage To The Live Music

The Paddock

Breathe Like A Dragon With Nitrogen Puffs


Devour A Caramel Popcorn Funnel Cake

World Famous Funnel Cakes

Go Crazy In A Candy Store

Just Candy & Licorice

Get A Gorgeous Henna Design


The Ultimate Guide to Eating Gluten Free

The Ultimate Guide to Eating Gluten Free

With everything from donuts to tacos, this Ultimate Guide to Eating Gluten Free at NightQuarter has you sorted!


Banana and Pineapple Fritters

Koconut Kid

Koconut Kid have a naturopath designed menu so all items are gluten free, sugar free, dairy free and vegan friendly. They use the freshest ingredients to create unique desserts, award winning gelato and sugarcane drinks. Koconut Kid are now serving a fried banana spilt with deep fried banana, gelato, crushed peanuts, chocolate syrup and whipped cream!

Gluten free banana and pineapple fritters served with gelato of your choice and fresh strawberries!


Brats haus

Butter Chicken

Curry In A Cone 

Curry In A Cone use fresh, local produce to create authentic Indian cuisine. They make beef vindaloo, chicken tikka masala, vegetable korma and many more! All curries are made gluten free!

Warm, traditional butter chicken served in a cone is the perfect way to spice up your weekend!




Chicken and Chorizo Paella

Little Spain

All paellas made at Little Spain are gluten free and made with the highest quality Spanish bomba rice, saffron and smoked paprika. These traditional flavours of Spain will have you doing the samba in no time.

The chicken and chorizo paella is served warm and garnished with fresh parsley, lemon and chilli.

Sweet and Salty Popcorn

Kernel Pop

All popcorn made at Kernel Pop is made fresh daily and is dairy free, gluten free options, nut free and vegan friendly! Salty, sweet and salty and salted caramel popcorn are all on offer!

Sweet and salty popcorn made with only 4 ingredients! It’s a flavour explosion!

Grilled Prawns and GF Chips

Fish On Hawker

Fish On Hawker use fresh local produce to make the best quality seafood and chips on the Gold Coast! Their chips, gravy and grilled seafood items are all gluten free as well as their salt and pepper squid on request!

Grilled prawns and gluten free chips… yes please!


Falafel Salad

Fita Pita 

Fita Pita’s menu is all about being the ‘healthy alternative’ while still being dangerously delicious. All dishes made at Fita Pita are gluten free excluding their bread pockets. Their falafel’s are made with chickpeas and a mixture of herbs and spices making it rich in plant protein and fibre! They also serve chicken schnitzel which is crumbed in the falafel mixture! With vegetarian and vegan options, there’s a meal for everyone!

Gluten free falafels served on a fresh greek salad.


Cinnamon Donuts

Sweet Bliss Donuts

Sweet Bliss Donuts have the most decadent donut range which is every sweet tooth’s dream come true, and they are now serving gluten free cinnamon donuts! Made fresh to order and rolled in cinnamon sugar, so simple yet so delicious.

Traditional German Bratwurst’s

Brat Haus

Brat Haus bring their traditional German flavours to the NightQuarter streets with their bratwurst sausages. All sausages are made gluten free excluding their bread. They have all the best flavours on offer, Chickenwurst, Vegan Bratwurst, Currywurst, the Gold Coast’s hottest sausage, the Firewurst and many more! The bratwurst’s are topped with sauerkraut, onion and sauces of your choice!



Volcano Taco

Los Volcanes Mexican Taqueria

Los Volcanes bring real, authentic Mexican cuisine to the Gold Coast! Their Volcano Tacos are made completely gluten free with chicken, pork or their vegetarian option topped with black beans, rice, carrots, potatoes and salsa! Biting into one of these feels like you’ve just entered Mexico!



Steak Skewers

The Backyard Bar & BBQ

The Backyard Bar & BBQ serve all the freshest seafood and BBQ goodies straight from their custom built wood fired barbecue.The steak is completely gluten free and served with a fresh garden salad and extras of your choice!




The Twelve Days Of (Toy!) Christmas

The Twelve Days Of (Toy!) Christmas

In spirit of the holiday season, Aussie Walking Pet Balloons have made their toy version of The 12 Days Of Christmas!

Hint hint… Christmas gift ideas! Find them in High Street all weekend, every weekend!



12 bubbles blowing…
11 beavers chasing…
Brats haus
10 frogs a leaping…


9 mesh balls squeezing…
8 lights a glowing…


7 balls a splatting…
6 slimes a dripping…
5 squishy toys… 
4 barking dogs… 
3 rebound balls… 
2 unicorns… 
And a balloon with walking feet! 

Halloween At NightQuarter

Halloween At NightQuarter

NightQuarter has been brewin’ up a Halloween party filled with devilish desserts, ghoulish delights, and trick or treating until moonlight. Families of frightening creatures of the night are invited to eat, drink and be scary at NightQuarter for a spooktacular Trick and Treat Hunt and a wickedly good time.

There will be a Scary SPFX Makeup Station, a kids dance party, a spooky magic show, a classic halloween movie screening and of course, a trick or treat hunt!


Blood Filled Drip Bags

Fizz Soda Shop

Fizz Soda Shop have the best soda known to man, and this Halloween they are making things scary!

A replica drip bag is filled with a delicious blood red soda that you can sip on while roaming the markets… definately not for the faint hearted!

Kid’s Dance Party


The kids are invited to dress in their Halloween best and dance the night away this Halloween at NightQuarter! After a big trick or treat hunt and loads of lollies, there will be a kid’s dance party in The Paddock where they can dance to some Halloween tunes!

Spooky Donuts

Sweet Bliss Donuts

Normally, donuts from Sweet Bliss Donuts are beautiful and sooooo instagramable, but this Halloween things are getting spooky!

Grab the usual delicious donuts you know and love but with a Halloween twist!

SFX Makeup Station

Bliss Makeup & SFX

Bliss Makeup & SFX will be popping up at NightQuarter this Halloween to make everyone look scary!

Transform into a zombie or get fake wounds to scare your way around the markets!


Trick Or Treat Hunt

Just Candy & Licorice 
Halloween is all about sugary treats, and Just Candy have a huge range for you to choose from! 

This Halloween at NightQuarter there will be a huge trick or treat hunt for the kids! The hunt is from 4pm-6pm where kids will roam the markets and act out Halloween themed actions to recieve lollies! The hunt is $5, be sure to get in early before we are sold out!

Creepy Halloween Toys

Not Just Retro

Not Just Retro have a huge range of vintage toys, signs, magnets, games, lamps and more! In celebration of Halloween season they have some creepy Halloween toys for you to scare people with!

A light up head that speaks and has flashing eyes is sure to spice up your Halloween festivities!

Freaky-freak Shakes!


Melt are known for their Crazyshakes and Belgium chocolate treats, but they are spicing things up this Halloween with their Freaky-freak shakes!

A delicious milkshake of your choice is topped with all kinds of Halloween treats!


Halloween Movie Screening

The Paddock

This Halloween we are screening Hocus Pocus in The Paddock! After a trick or treat hunt, loads of sugary treats, a dance party and more, grab a bean bag and enjoy a Halloween classic on the big screen!

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

Sweet Bliss Donuts

Sweet Bliss Donuts are ready and excited for Halloween this month, with spooky donuts and scary ice cream cookie sandwiches!

Creamy ice cream is sanwiched between two giant cookies and topped with scary Halloween treats, like lolly eyeballs and blood red syrups!

Spooky Magic Show

The Magic Castle – Gold Coast

This Halloween there will be a spooky magic show on the main stage! The show will be interactive for kids and adults and is guaranteed to get everyone laughing, or screaming…

Fun For Kids At NightQuarter

Fun For Kids At NightQuarter

NightQuarter is a playground for adults and kids alike!

Little NightQuarter is an area for the kids to run free and have fun! There is a jumping castle, face painting, colouring in tables and more!

Little NightQuarter is also the space used for kids birthday parties and school holiday workshops!


Little NightQuarter

Little NightQuarter is the perfect spot for the kids to run free and have fun! The area is surrounded by tables, so while the kids play you can eat or drink! There are loads of fun things to do inside of Little NightQuarter, colouring in, a jumping castle, face painting and more! There’s even an arts and craft stall right next door!


Jumping Castle

Inside of Little NightQuarter, you can find a huge jumping castle where the kids can jump until their legs are sore! There are a range of different time sessions available, either some quick fun for 15 minutes or go for the full hour! The kids will recieve a wristband and are free to hop on and off until their time is up!


Brats haus

Wildlife Adventure

Hold a snake, sweet talk a sugar glider or laugh with a kookaburra at a Night Creatures Wildlife Adventure!

Night Creatuers Wildlife Adventure is perfect for the kids, giving them a unique and educational experience with animals they may have never seen before! But don’t let just the kids have all the fun, the adults can join in too! Spice up your NightQuarter visit with a photo with an owl or a python! During the school holidays, Night Creatures hold an educational workshop for the kids!

Face Painting 

Little NightQuarter is full of fun, like face painting! The kids can transform into anything they can imagine, the possibilities are endless! Animals, superheros, you name it!

Face painting is an awesome activity to add to to your NightQuarter kids party!

Build Your Own Party

Little NightQuarter is the perfect place to host your next kids party! With colourful shipping containers, astroturf and fairy lights, it’s the perfect atmosphere!

Kids will love the yummy party snacks from gourmet popcorn, fairy floss waffle cones, jelly cups, wood-fired pizza, sushi and chicken wings! There are a range of fun activities to add onto your package including jumping castle, wildlife encounters and face-painting.

Arts & Crafts

Right next door to Little NightQuarter, you can find an arts and crafts stall for the kids! There is a huge range of paints and sculptures for the kids to get creative with! They can choose from animal sculptures, people sculptures or scenic sculptures, so there’s a new thing to paint each trip!
During the school holidays, the kids can join in on an exciting workshop with all things paint!

School Holiday Workshops

Don’t leave the kids bored at home all holidays, bring them down to NightQuarter for jam packed weekends full of fun!

Hold a snake, sweet talk a sugar glider or laugh with a kookaburra with a Night Creatures Wildlife Adventure, or how about getting creative at Miscellas Candle Making workshop? The kids can even join in on cooking workshops where they will have a fun interactive and learning experience all at once!

Around The World At NightQuarter

Around The World At NightQuarter

Go on a food journey around the world in just footsteps…Indulge in authentic flavours with a street food twist!

NightQuarter is full of diverse, international cusines from all parts of the globe! Transport yourself from Asia to Hungary, to the Netherlands, Spain, France and more!

We have gathered some of our favourite international cuisines here at NightQuarter! This weekend we are celebrating all things German for Oktoberfest!




Dutch Pancakes

Head over to the Netherlands with delicious poffertjes, so good they’re almost indescribable. The poffertjes are made with a delicious batter, cooked until crispy and golden brown on the outside, but fluffy and sweet on the inside, they’re perfect even by themsleves! Dutch Pankcakes serve the poffertjes warm, then takes them a step further with their crazy toppings! Nutella, ice cream, peanut butter, maple syrup, strawberries, they’e got it all and more.

We love our poffertjes with the lot! Syrup, icing sugar, strawberries, banana, Nutella and of course, whipped cream!

Brats haus

Hangi Wrap

Hangi Chef 

The menu at Hangi Chef will take you all around New Zealand, with their hangi meal, fried bread, steamed pudding, fresh Kina and more! Hangi is a traditional New Zealand Māori method of cooking food using heated rocks buried in a pit oven. A hangi meal is made up of chicken or pork mixed with a range of root vegetables!

Hangi Chef have created the Hangi Wrap, filled with authentic hangi, spinach and aioli in a toasted, kebab-like wrap, so you can enjoy your feast while walking around the markets!

Pumpkin Langos

The Hungry Hungarian
Langos is an extrememly popular street food in Hungary, and The Hungry Hungarian have you sorted with their traditional Langos here at NightQuarter! Langos is a deep fried dough that is covered in delcious toppings, either savoury or sweet! It is described as Hungarian pizza, with its cripsy base, sauces, vegetables and cheese, you can see why! Feeling like dessert? Grab a Langosw with Nutella and strawberries!
‘Pumpkin Eater’ Langos tastes as good as it looks! Topped with all the best veges, cheese and sour cream!

BBQ Pulled Pork Burger

Grumpi’s American-style BBQ

With Grumpi’s just around the corner from you, who even needs to visit the USA? They bring top of the line American cuisine to your local area! Slow cooked brisket, pulled pork, burgers, nachos, ribs, chicken wings, what more could you want? Just to give you an idea of how good their feeds really are, Grumpi’s American-style BBQ won NightQuarter’s Best Food Vendor Award last year! They serve up an unforgettable feast.

BBQ pulled pork burger with coleslaw and homemade BBQ sauce, served with charcoal roasted chicken wings coated in Grumpi’s signature rub.

San Choy Bow

Crying Tiger
Crying Tiger bring authentic Asian fusion street food to the NightQuarter streets. Crouching Tiger, Crying Tiger, Ayutthaya Lamb Shanks, Bangkok’s Kaa Moo, coconut rice, they have it all and more!
San Choy Bow is a traditional Chinese dish, made with pork or chicken and a mixture of vegetables, seasoned with Asian flavours and spices all inside a crispy lettuce leaf!

Strawberry & Banana Crepe

Patrick’s Crepes

No-one does either desserts or romance like the French! Frenchman Patrick wanted to bring all the magic of Parisian crêperies to Australia, and your mouth will be watering as you watch him create his light and fluffy crepes before your eyes. With a huge range of different toppings, one of our favourites is Strawberries and Banana!

Freshly made crepe filled with banana, then topped with fresh strawberries, caramel sauce, chocolate shavings, whipped cream and of course, more banana!

Cheese & Spinach Gozleme

Authentic Turkish Gozleme
Gozleme is a traditional Turkish dish that is made with crispy flatbread and filled with all kinds of deliciousness! Cheese and spinach, mushrooms and cheese, there’s so many combinations!
We love our gozleme drizzled with garlic yogurt and hot chilli sauce with a slice of lemon!


World Food Market

Pork buns, dim sums, prawn dumplings, skewers and buddah bowls, World Food Market hand make them all and more! One bite will take you all around Asia with their traditional, authentic flavours!

We love their warm, steamed dumplings!



Chicken & Chorizo Paella

Little Spain

Little Spain use the highest quality Spanish bomba rice, saffron and paprika to create traditional, Spanish paella. Chicken and chorizo, seafood, vegetarian and spicy black paella, so many different types makes it so hard to choose which to try first! The exotic flavours of Spain will get you doing the samba in no time.

Warm chicken and chorizo paella garnished with parsley, lemon and optional chilli.

Margerita Pizaa

Twisted Toppings
Looking for authentic Italian pizza? Look no futher! Twisted Toppings have the best woodfired pizza known to man. One bite will have you thinking you’ve just entered the streets of Italy!
Keep it simple with a margerita pizza or spice things up and add some crazy toppings! They even have a Nutella dessert pizza!


Brat Haus
Head over to Germany with traditional bratwurst’s and pretzels from Brat Haus! They have all the best flavours on offer, Chickenwurst, Vegan Bratwurst, Currywurst, the Gold Coast’s hottest sausage, the Firewurst, and many more! Brat Haus also have pretzels on the menu, baked fresh and rolled in sea salt!
The bratwurst’s are topped with sauerkraut, onion and sauces of your choice! This weekend (6th-7th October), we are celebrating all things German for Oktoberfest!


Ramen Koji-Ya

Be transported to Tokyo with Ramen Koji-Ya’s authentically delicious ramen. The broth has an intense umami flavour, created with the locally made koji. Rich with noodles, meat, seaweed, vegetables and egg, ramen is the perfect dish for the cooler nights. Also on the menu, indulge in karaage, teriyaki chicken, spring rolls, lotus chips, garlic prawns and more!

You’ll be transported to Japan with one bite at Ramen Koji-Ya.

Butter Chicken

Curry In A Cone

Curry In A Cone use fresh, local produce to create authentic Indian cuisine. On the menu is beef vindaloo, chicken tikka masala, vegetable korma, butter chicken and many more! All curries are also made gluten free! Curry In A Cone’s traditional Indian flavours will have you coming back for more!

Traditional butter chicken served in a cone with delicious naan bread.