Tapas Street Stories: Kudu Bar

Tapas Street Stories: Kudu Bar



Your search for a finely crafted drop full of flavour is now over. Kudu Bar in Tapas Street has what you need.

While few would argue against the statement that beer is Australia’s national drink, it can ironically be a challenge at times to find a bar that serves exceptionally crafted beer full of flavour. Kudu Bar in Tapas street not only quenches that craft beer thirst but other drink cravings with a range of craft beers on tap, a variety of local Sirromet wines, mulled wine in winter and crazy cocktails.The kudu head that stands proudly in the Kudu Bar is a family heirloom of NightQuarters owner, Ian Van der Woude.

“Kudu Bar is perfect for couples wanting to share a bottle of wine in Tapas Street under the fairy lights.”

And what drinking experience is complete without live music? Don’t stress, Kudu Bar has that too. Each week young, unearthed artists play a range of chilled covers to sing along to, setting the mood underneath the fairy lights for couples, families and friends.

“It is so important for us to incorporate live music into the bar experience to set a unique dining atmosphere in Tapas Street.”

Kudu Bar delivers everything you need for a memorable night out with friends, family or your partner. Being surrounded by flavoursome food stalls from all around the world means you can pair your perfect drink with perfect eats. Tapas Street has a warm and welcoming atmosphere and a breathtaking range of everything from beer to Japanese kaarage chicken. Pair your traditional Italian pasta perfectly with a Shiraz or your fresh oysters with a Sauvignon Blanc.

“NightQuarter is all about the food and wine experience, you can mix and match your food from our range of vendors with your bar beverage of choice.”

Tapas Street Stories: LA Tostada

Tapas Street Stories: LA Tostada

LA Tostada brings a fusion of South American flavours to Tapas Street

“I was so inspired by the flavours and culture that I brought it home with me.”

As you wander down Tapas Street, you will soon catch sight of an unusually shaped taco bowl. Filled with smoked meats, fresh super salad and topped with creamy avocado, the tostada is a classic South American street food. After travelling to South America, the team behind LA Tostadas decided to bring the flavours of Mexico, Brazil and the Caribbean to NightQuarter. Their overseas travels inspired them to create dishes bursting with flavours that will transport you to South America. The range of tostada bowls is already amazing, but there are new flavours coming soon. We can’t wait!

Find LA Tostada at the end of Tapas Street at NightQuarter, open every Friday and Saturday night from 4pm-10pm!

Tapas Street Stories: Little Spain

Tapas Street Stories: Little Spain

A childhood spent visiting family in the Canary Islands began the love affair with Spanish cuisine for Simon Dorta.

The Canary Islands archipelago, located off the west coast of Africa, has a rich Spanish culture, infused with Latin American and African influences. Simon grew up with his Spanish father cooking traditional dishes from the islands and sharing family recipes. Years later, armed with a collection of family recipes, Simon and his partner Tracey were inspired to create Little Spain. 

With every dish we bring the taste of Spain to local markets using authentic Spanish ingredients.”


The standout dish at Little Spain is the manchego cheese paired with a generous serving of mojo picón. This traditional Canary Islands sauce is made from garlic, olive oil, red pepper, cumin, salt and vinegar. It is served with nearly every dish on the islands and handmade mojo is always found at street markets. With every bite of the mojo picón, you get a taste of the Canary Islands childhood that has inspired it all.

The sherry-glazed lamb ribs were often cooked at home as a special occasion dish. The care and attention to detail in this dish is just as if it has been lovingly prepared at home. Both the lamb and the barbecued octopus are cooked to order on a char-grill to ensure that the fresh, rich flavours come through every time.

The first iteration of Little Spain was a paella trailer that soon became a favourite at pop up markets throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast. When NightQuarter opened, their Little Spain paella stall was a standout and has delighted customers since. When the opportunity came up to open a second location at NightQuarter, Simon and Tracey saw it as the perfect opportunity to bring something completely unique to the markets.

The dishes at the new restaurant have the same home-cooked flavours, and the same high-quality ingredients… with a twist of sophistication. This is them really showing off.

The popular Deluxe Tapas Platter has a perfectly shareable selection of sherry-glazed lamb ribs, barbecued baby octopus, fried manchego cheese, deep fried olives, jamón, toasted garlic sourdough, and traditional Spanish sauces… including the famous mojo picón!

Find Little Spain at the end of Tapas Street at NightQuarter, open every Friday and Saturday night from 4pm-10pm!