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“For the vast majority of punters, it was a case of sensory overload (in the best way possible). Stilt-walkers, fire-twirlers, acoustic soloists, rock bands, funk lords, steaks, street food, carnival food and dancing funnel-cake makers filled every nook and cranny of NightQuarter”



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“Check out the kaleidoscope of colour, flavour, music, noise and action that makes up a NightQuarter experience. Plan to make a night of it for the whole family. It’s well worth the trip!”

Huffington Post

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“There’s an air of excitement in the community that has sprung up around Night Quarter. Like a circus blowing in at night, this shipping container city has appeared on a dusty patch behind a Helensvale Shopping Centre. It’s permanent, with more than 120 specialty food, design and craft vendors, but somehow it feels ephemeral and dare we say it, magical”

Gold Coast Bulletin -21 Oct

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“It’s still six weeks from opening but getting a stall at Helensvale’s NightQuarter markets is the hottest ticket in town, with more than 95 per cent of berths already filled.”


Gold Coast Bulletin - 27 Nov

Gold Coast Bulletin November 27th

“NightQuarter os the answer to the northern Gold Coast’s resounding cry for a cultural revolution.”

Gold Coast Sun - 25 Nov

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“The highly anticipated NightQuarter at Helensvale is a hive of activity with just days to go before the market opens to the public on Saturday.”

Gold Coast Bulletin -14 May


“The Gold Coast’s appetite for a large-scale market at Helensvale seems to be ravenous, with more than 80% of vendor berths already filled.”

Gold Coast Bulletin - 25 Feb


“An international-themed night markets and performance venue made from shipping containers is set to rise in Helensvale.”

Gold Coast Bulletin - 24 Apr

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“In the next few months Helensvale, for the first time, will challenge the Glitter Strip for evening entertainment. Night Quarter will open on the vacant lot just north of the railway station.”