Australia Day is coming up this January and in celebration of all things Australian, we have gathered some of our Aussie faves at NightQuarter! From giant lamingtons, craft beers and prawns, to wildlife experiences, candles and more!


Two To Mango Juice

PRSD Juice Co.

Peeled, pressed, poured. PRSD Juice Co. use the freshest local produce to make the best cold pressed juices on the Gold Coast. Not only do they make yummy juices, but smoothies and smoothie bowls too! It’s a fruity paradise!

Our favourite juice is the Two To Mango Juice, nothing but mango, orange and pineapple all cold pressed and poured fresh to order.

Giant Lamingtons

My Sweet Spot

My Sweet Spot has changed the dessert game with all the best traditional Aussie desserts, lamingtons, pavlova, vanilla slice, apple turnovers, macadamia slice, coconut slice, they have it all!

Springy sponge cake cut into giant cubes, covered in chocolate icing and coconut… it’s an Australian classic! So good you won’t want to share.

Brats haus

Triple Scented Soy Candles

Miscellas Soy Candles

Miscellas Soy Candles have all your candle wants and needs. Their natural soy candles, soy melts, tea lights and bath bombs are all locally hand crafted with Australian products.

They have such a massive range of scents in their candles that sometimes it’s hard to choose just one! Well, their triple scented candles are the solution! Choose a mixture of scents in one candle! Once the first layer/scent is all melted, it goes onto the next scent! These are our top 3 choices!

Grilled Prawn Skewers

Fish On Hawker

Fish On Hawker have a seafood menu that does not disappoint. With fish & chips, prawns, calamari, and so much more, dinner is sorted for the whole family. All of their seafood is caught locally and cooked fresh to order! Nothing says Australia like some fresh seafood and chips with the family.

Fresh prawns put onto skewers and chucked onto the barbie, grilled to perfection, then garnished with herbs, served with hand cut chips, and of course, a slice of lemon.


Hand Made Soaps

My Designer Soaps

My Designer Soaps are the one stop spiritual shop at NightQuarter! Find a range of hand made soaps with natural Australian oils, leaving you super clean and super smooth! They also have a range of bath salts packed with all Australian clays and zeolite!

Not only do they have a range of soaps, they also have essential oils, crystals, jewellery, an in house psychic, books and more!


Lemon Meringue Pie

My Sweet Spot

Comforting, zesty and light, lemon meringue pie is the ultimate dessert. My Sweet Spot hand make traditional Australian desserts with local products. Lamingtons, lemon meringue pie, apple turnovers, they have it all!

Freshly baked shortcrust pastry filled with a tangy lemon custard filling and topped with a fluffy meringue topping, this dessert is unforgettable.

Australian Designer Fashion

The Boho Shed

The Boho Shed is a bohemian inspired fashion and homewares store with multiple Australian designer names. Jaase is a designer name featured at The Boho Shed, all exclusive Jaase prints are hand drawn and made in Australia.

Gorgeous bohemian style dress made and designed by Jaase.


The Backyard Bar
The Backyard has all the main factors needed to create the ultimate, quintessential Aussie pub experience, from a huge BBQ serving up steaks and fish, to a hills hoist in the beer garden, live tunes from the locals and of course, a XXXX bar! XXXX is Australia’s most loved beer range, so we created a bar dedicated to it!
Grab a bucket of 4 stubbies or a schooner from the tap, paired perfectly with a steak straight from the grill and live tunes! The Friday night footy is even screened in The Backyard!

Wildlife Adventure

Night Creatures

Encounter unseen creatures of Australia with Night Creatures! Learn all about the animals while getting up close and personal with them! Grab a photo with a snake, possom or owl, or hold a birthday party with Night Creatures for the entertainment! The unique, educational experience is perfect for any occasion!

Night Creatuers Wildlife Adventure is perfect for the kids, giving them a unique and educational experience with animals they may have never seen before! But don’t let just the kids have all the fun, the adults can join in too! Spice up your NightQuarter visit with a photo with an owl or a python!

Strawberry & Mango Skewers


Strawberries and mangoes are two of Australia’s most loved fruits, especially in Summer! Melt have got your fruit and chocolate cravings sorted with their strawberry and mango skewers that get coated with melted Belgium chocolate! 

These are definately drool worthy!

Grass Fed QLD Steak

The Backyard Bar & BBQ

The Backyard Bar & BBQ have Aussie dinner options for everyone, but grass fed QLD steaks are winning the BBQ game! Served with sides of your choice and delicous sauces, it’s an Aussie classic!

The Backyard Bar & BBQ use a custom built wood fire BBQ!

Seafood Platter

Yeah The Boysters

Yeah They Boysters have a menu that does not dissapoint, from delicious oysters with insane toppings to fresh peeled prawns!

Yeah The Boysters also offer seafood platters with fresh prawns, bugs, scallops and more!

Craft Beer

NightQuarter Bars

The bars here at NightQuarter not only have quintessential Aussie beers, but also some of the finest Australian craft beers on offer! Little Creatures’ range is some of the most loved craft beers here at NightQuarter. The creators wanted to brew an awesome, hop-driven Australian Pale Ale with a distinctive aroma and delicious flavour, and they did just that!

Pickled Pig is also a popular craft beer here at NightQuarter, the brewery being only 30 minutes away in Tweed Heads. Pickled Pig handcraft a premium selection of lagers, ales, pilsners and dark beers, as well as their famous alcoholic ginger beer, using the finest, as organic as possible malts, hops and grains available.

Tim Tam Donuts

Sweet Bliss Donuts

Tim Tam on a donut. Only in Australia!  Tim Tams are simple but the most luxurious biscuits, an Australian favourite! 

Sweet Bliss Donuts decorate and fill their donuts with all kinds of Aussie favourites!

Rescued Timber

Australian Rescued Timbers

Australia has some of the most durable and beautiful timbers in the world, making it ideal for design. With its sustainability focus, many of these woods are being rescued and remodelled at Australian Rescued Timbers!

Find wood boxes, clocks, cheese boards, cutting boards and loads more!