Encounter unseen creatures of Australia with Night Creatures! Learn all about the animals while getting up close and personal with them! Grab a photo with a snake, possom or owl, or hold a birthday party with Night Creatures for the entertainment! The unique, educational experience is perfect for any occasion!

Hold a snake, sweet talk a sugar glider or laugh with a kookaburra with wildlife handlers from Night Creatures! Night Creatures give customers a wildlife experience like no other, giving them to encounter native animals that roam the night.


“Night Creatures bring unseen animals and people together.”


Night Creatures strive to share knowledge with customers all while giving a unique encounter with native wildlife. Rabbits, snakes, owls, lizzards, Night Creatures have them all and more! Night Creatures have a range of services available with their animals, from birthday parties to events, photo opportunities, and wildlife education.


“We have been working professionally in the wildlife industry since 1995. We have the experience, knowledge and capability to ensure you get the highest standard education or training with wildlife, while still getting the best value for money.”


Night Creatuers Wildlife Adventure is perfect for the kids, giving them a unique and educational experience with animals they may have never seen before! But don’t let just the kids have all the fun, the adults can join in too! Spice up your NightQuarter visit with a photo with an owl or a python!


“The experience is completely up close and personal.”


Each school holidays, Night Creatures hold a Wildlife Workshop where the kids can encounter and learn about a range of creatures in Little NightQuarter (Kids Area)!