Vote for us as the best regional live music venue in the Queensland Music Awards


We need your help!

We’ve been nominated as a finalist in the Queensland Music Awards Regional Venue of the Year. It’s a People’s Choice Awards so we need your help! 

We’re not going to lie to you… the past year has nearly sent us to an early grave. Live music is our lifeblood and creating live music experiences for music lovers like YOU is our passion. Opening a live music venue in the midst of a pandemic hasn’t been easy and operating it within the current climate of restrictions has been even harder.

But there are so many things that make it worth it… there are those moments… you know the ones. When the crowd won’t stop cheering for an encore and the band bounds back onstage, when the lead singer thanks the sound engineer for doing a great job doing what they love… that opening guitar riff as the stage lights come alive. 
And it’s not just the big moments we love… with five stages of live music throughout our night market precinct we believe in those intimate moments of a young artist performing for an audience for the first time, the professional muso who lost a year’s worth of gigs and income walking back onto a stage for the first time in too long. When we ask ourselves if it’s worth the heartache, the financial risk, the sleepless nights… damn right it is! 

We have been open in our new Sunny Coast home for five months and we have hosted 31 concerts with 27 more coming up. We have created 257 local gigs. Those are not just numbers to us… those are people we care about returning to live music… that’s people like you experiencing live music again after a year of silence.  

We’re the first to admit that it hasn’t been perfect… navigating this new world where live music venues are operating under layers and layers of red tape has its challenges. We give credit to every venue nominated in this award for putting themselves on the front line for live music because it’s the venues and the festivals that are fighting to get artists back on stages and we can tell you from experience… it sometimes feels like an unwinnable battle. When Bluesfest can be cancelled overnight but restrictions can be lifted just in time for the footy grand final we know where we stand!  But is it worth it? Damn right it is. 

So when we got nominated for a Queensland Music Award for best regional live music venue… wow. It was a bright moment in what has been a fairly rough time. Winning this award would mean a lot to us for the sake of our team who have worked so hard over the past five months to create a new live music destination for the Sunshine Coast. We are passionate and committed to being here, showing up every weekend for you Sunny Coast to create gigs for our local artists, jobs for the local community, and more of those moments that send shivers down all of our spines as music lovers. 

We would like to humbly ask for your support in voting for us before Sunday 18 April at 11:59pm.  

    “I love playing NightQuarter, I reckon it’s the best gig in Australia right now.” 

    Dave Gleeson, The Screaming Jets

    “Who said the local live entertainment scene was dying. The popular NightQuarter at Helensvale has given it a jab of life by providing local and national artists an opportunity to do what they love best perform.”

    Gold Coast Bulletin, February 2017

    “Over the last three years, NightQuarter has played a whopping great part in the cultural evolution of the northern end of the Gold Coast.”

    Natalie O'Driscoll, Blank GC

    “NightQuarter is fast becoming the top spot for international artists on the Gold Coast, with tickets to shows at the music venue selling out within hours.”

    Gold Coast Bulletin

    “Thank you for giving the emerging artists of the Gold Coast a home stage and a platform where we can come and perform. There is no other venue like NightQuarter.” 

    Kirsty Abrahams, Artist and Artist Manager

    “On the Gold Coast I just love everything about NightQuarter. The guys there have done such a great job with the venue and it keeps on getting better each time we play there.” – Casey Barnes

    Casey Barnes, Artist